Can't stop loving you

Chapter 117 Couldn't Stand Cosmetics And A Handsome Man

It was the first time that Viola had seen Maynard so simple and rude. She was stunned. "That's a beauty!"

"Of course!" Maynard was speechless.

A strange look came over on Viola's face. "It's not bad to warm up the bed!"

Maynard coldly glanced at the bodyguards and said, "Throw them away!"

The bodyguards came back to their senses and were about to approach. They saw the beautiful woman with straight hair open her eyes and pounce on Viola. "Sister."

It happened so suddenly that a beautiful woman with long hair fell on her.

Blushing, she stammered, " Well... " But before she could finish her words, she saw the long green hair falling in front of her eyes

Soon after, when Viola touched her chest which was still flat and her Adam's apple, she immediately understood what was going on. An awful scream came out.

Viola was in a daze all the way to the kitchen. When she came out of the kitchen with a cup of tea, she saw Maynard sitting on the sofa. The chilling pressure of his body was spreading and expanding.

"Mr. Chu, that beauty Well, where is the handsome guy? "

Putting down the tea set, she looked around, but didn't see anyone.

Maynard pressed his thin lips together and looked unhappy. "Reporter Qi, you seem to like him very much."

Under his extremely cold and hot sight, Viola shook her head helplessly, "No, No."

She couldn't accept the fact that a beautiful girl was actually a handsome man.

Maynard laughed coldly. "You'd better stay away from him."

A hint of slyness flitted across Viola's eyes. She moved closer to him and asked, "Mr. Chu, who is he?"

"A pervert in a woman's suit." Maynard said concisely and looked embarrassed.

Since they all shared the same view, she didn't ask more.

"I feel hurt by your words." A slightly soft voice came from upstairs.

He was wearing a white T-shirt and black pants, with a white gift bag in his hand. Water dripped from his tan hair. Obviously, he just came out of the bathroom.

Maynard pointed his finger at the door and said, "You can leave now."