Can't stop loving you

Chapter 107 Don't Be So Heartless




Seeing a woman who looked like a ghost, the one who was drinking water sprayed all over the ground. The one who was eating hamburger choked on the juice, and the man who was delivering the copies of a lot of documents shook his foot.

They couldn't bear to look at her directly, so she didn't recognize herself and just smiled happily.

She cleared her throat, and with a feigned coquettish but actually harsh voice, she said, "Mr. Chu, I'm delivering food to you..."

Viola lifted up a piece of her skirt and walked towards the door of Maynard's office with extraordinary skills.

"Oh my God. Your interest is special, Mr. Chu." A male colleague covered his eyes.

"Mr. Chu's taste is getting worse. It seems that he probably won't be able to see a beauty like me," Wendy said, stroking her cheek with both hands, like a delicate flower full of pity for herself.

All the colleagues remained silent.

She just thought of the woman who went in just now. Her eyes were sore because of the pain.

Of course, she knew nothing about this. When she arrived at the door of Maynard's office, she was stopped as she was about to enter.

"Miss, who's that?" The left bodyguard's mouth twitched.

The bodyguard on the right was obviously not that strong. He looked away directly and avoided eye contact with her.

With a big smile on her face, Viola opened her mouth and said, "I am Miss Qi's best friend. She asked me to bring lunch to Mr. Chu."

The two bodyguards thought it would be that case, so they let them go.

When Viola came in, she closed the door excitedly, looking calm.

She turned her head and saw Maynard lie on the sofa. His breath was even, and his hair was on his full forehead and his sharp eyes were closed. Obviously, he was in a state of noon sleep.