Can't stop loving you

Chapter 106 Mr. Chu's Obstruction

Viola fell into the sea and was under someone's body. When she reacted, she saw that Chol had kissed her chin. Then she looked down and saw his claw still resting on her chest. She was stunned for a moment.

"This is..." As he felt the soft touch on his hand, he couldn't help but pinch it.

Coming back to her senses, she slapped him across the face. "Bastard!"

She pushed him away with all her strength and stood up from the sea all over her wet body. Her face turned as red as boiled shrimps, with her hands around her chest in a defensive look.

When Chol realized what he had done, his hands kept shaking. Water was dripping from his hair, and his ears were so red that it could almost drop out.

"What's wrong with you?" The director ran over with a murderous look. "Can we continue filming today?"

Not daring to look at the expression on his face, Viola totally ignored the director's anger and rushed wet back to the Sea Villa.

She changed her clothes in a hurry and went home that afternoon.

Next morning, Viola came to the periodical office with dark circles under her eyes.

Sitting on her seat, she was a little depressed at the thought that Maynard would not appear in front of her in the coming year. She took a deep breath of fresh air, feeling refreshed all over.

However, this feeling only lasted for a short while

Selina came to her and knocked on the table with a pen. "Viola, our boss recently wanted to know the situation of our periodical office, and he asked me to ask you a few questions."

"What's it?"

Selina held a mirror and painted her lipstick as she looked at herself in the mirror, "Tell me your age, family background and which kind of man do you like and which period you are in."

On hearing that, Viola stood up all of a sudden. "Wait. Why is it a private question?"

There was no privacy at all.