Can't stop loving you

Chapter 99 Late

As time ticked by, Viola clenched her fists and said, "I've decided to find Ivy and ask her what has happened."

Let's not talk about her past hatred with Ivy, but about Zarian, she didn't want it to hurt him.

"Are you sure? But it's not easy to get close to the makeup room, " Maynard splashed cold water on her with an expressionless face.

"We'd better go out from here first, and then we'll think about it."

"Who is the reason?" Maynard's face was as dark as ink. Apparently, he realized where he was.

When they turned around after coming out of the bathroom, they saw the sign of "men's room" on the outside of the bathroom marked on it, which made them almost collapse.

When they came to the door of the dressing room again, Viola played a wisp of hair with her left hand and smiled sincerely. "Bodyguard, can you ask the bride out?"

The two bodyguards looked at each other, and the one with a black dragon tattoo, said, "No, you're sneaky. We won't take responsibility if anything happens."

There was a cold sweat on her forehead. When she was racking her brains, Mul came out.

"Hello, Viola. What a coincidence to see you here!" She couldn't help but look at the tip of her shoes uneasily.

Her eyes lit up. She held her hand and said, "Can you get in and out freely?"

"Yes, the chief editor asked me to take several groups of photos for Miss An. She agreed at that time." She smiled sheepishly.

Viola took a look inside and asked, "Can you help me to call Miss An out?"

"Well Miss An is still putting on makeup. She will get angry if she is disturbed. "

Viola waved her hand and had to compromise, "Can you bring me some words?"

"Yes, you can!" Nodding heavily, Mul took out a notebook and pen from her bag and handed them to her.

Taking the bathrobe from her hands, Viola said in her mind, 'Jonny did something bad on your wedding. He got the picture.'

When she gave the paper to Mul, she fumbled in her pocket and took out a photo, intending to give it to Mul