Can't stop loving you

Chapter 66 I'm Hopeless

In the morning, Viola went to the door of the periodical office with the lunch box. When she saw the truck, she sighed.

'The flowers haven't been taken care of yet.' thinking of this, Viola felt distressed.

When she walked in, Stephanie walked out. "Come in, Viola."

She put the warm lunch box on the table, thumped her sore shoulder and walked in.

Viola knocked on the door. "Hello, chief editor."

Throwing her phone onto the table, Stephanie squinted at her but said in a euphemistic voice, "Get the flowers out of here when you have time. It's not good to keep them like this."

With a nervous breakdown in her heart, she pretended to promise, "I understand, I understand."

Viola bent over the desk and thought for a while. Then she suddenly stood up.

Clenching her fists, she decided to talk to her enemy about what trouble he had brought to her.

She made up her mind and nodded, asking him to deal with the flowers for her.

Ignoring the gazes from all directions, she came to Maynard's office with the lunch box in her hand and plucked up the courage.

She hesitated for two seconds, raised her hand and knocked at the door.


She knocked again.

"Come in." Said Maynard unhappily.

A little bit awkward, Viola cautiously walked in and saw Maynard and Ivy sitting on the sofa, talking with each other. There was only a table between them.

"Do you need anything, Reporter Qi?" Maynard said with a poker face.

At the thought of that Ivy asked her to be in charge of interviewing her and Zarian, she hurriedly waved her hand. "Ha ha ha, I think I have come to the wrong place."

She turned around, trying to run away from this place of trouble.


Hearing that, Viola's back froze. Her little face wrinkled like a bun. Finally, she turned around and said, "Mr. Chu, is that me?"