Can't stop loving you

Chapter 67 a relationship at a loss

"If you didn't lie to me, here is the address," Viola said with a sniff

Following the address provided by Stephanie, Viola arrived at a high-end wedding dress store called "A Hundred Years Old".

After checking the files again, she opened the glass door, held the file in her arms and walked in.

It was a store selling wedding dresses and suit dresses. Viola curiously looked around.

There was no one in the store. Just when she was secretly curious about it, the men's changing room on the left opened.

His shoes stepped on the floor and gave out a clear sound.

She turned to the direction where the sound came from and saw Zarian in a silvery dress slowly coming out.

At this moment, his handsome and gentle face looked a bit elegant. His eyes were full of endless melancholy.

For a moment, Viola was in a trance. If that accident hadn't happened that year, would they have been together now?

Viola was stunned. At this moment, Zarian saw her and strode forward to grab her. "Viola, why are you here?"

When she came to her senses, she realized something and her face changed. "Can you let go of me first?"

Not only didn't Zarian loose her hand, but he held it even tighter.

At this time, the door of the lady's dressing room opened.

Put on a pure white wedding dress, Ivy walked out in a pair of 3-inch silver high heels.

At the sight of this, Ivy's pupils shrank and soon returned to normal.

"Hi, Viola." On the other hand, Ivy was holding Zarian's arm and smiled.

All of a sudden, like being stabbed by a needle, Viola pushed away Zarian's hand and said in a cold voice, "Yes."

"What's going on?" Zarian looked at Ivy unpleasantly.

Ivy took out a silver tie and leaned slightly against him to tie the tie for him. She said softly, "look at you. You even forgot the tie. Without me, what can you do?"

"…… Yes, you do make sense. " Zarian rubbed her head and scraped her nose lovingly.

It seemed that he had never asked about the topic they had been talking about.