Can't stop loving you

Chapter 56 I've Told You Everything

The next morning, when Viola arrived at the villa, she rang the electronic doorbell.

"Miss Qi, it's you. Please come in."

When the servant, Miss Song, opened the door and saw her, she took out the disposable slippers from the shoe cabinet and put them under her feet.

After changing her shoes, she looked around. "Well, where is Mr. Chu?"

"Of course he's in the company," Then Elly went downstairs.

"Then why are you here?"

The servant took a look at them, closed the shoe cabinet and left.

She crossed her arms over her chest and said in an arrogant tone, which sounded like she was the hostess of the house, "Viola, you have to work hard later. Don't get lazy, or I will teach you a lesson!"

She was stunned and almost thought she got to the wrong place.

She looked around, observing the decoration of the manor and finding nothing wrong. After checking for a while, she asked, "Miss Xia, why are you here? Has Mr. Chu moved?"

Then he waved his hand and gave the house to her without demur?

"Maynard has just been discharged from the hospital and he needs more rest, so the group leader asked me to take care of everything in the villa for him," She straightened her chest and added arrogantly, "Including you."

Biting her fingertips, Viola wondered whether it was the process of Elly marrying Maynard?

She was complaining in her heart.

"Please remember that my order is Maynard's," "Clean it up as soon as possible. Make sure it is spotless."

Looking around the spacious villa, a burst of darkness came over her eyes. She almost fainted. "What? Are you kidding me? Don't be so embarrassing."

"Yes, I did it on purpose. Bite me!" Elly blurted out with a provoking smile on her face.

Viola touched her forehead. She could not accept the fact, but she was unwilling to give up. "I don't believe that Mr. Chu will watch you do whatever you want."

Thinking of that, she took her cellphone out of her bag and called Maynard.