Can't stop loving you

Chapter 57 Throw Her Into The Sea To Feed The Sharks

For the past seven days in Maynard's villa, Viola had been exhausted. She got up early and slept late than a dog.

But what was unusual was that she was so tired but often laughed, which made people in the villa get goose bumps.

It was not until the eighth day that she was kidnapped by a servant Elly had asked.

"Miss Xia, what do you want me for?"

"Viola!" Elly furiously threw a colorful magazine onto her, and asked angrily, "What have you done recently?"

The magazine hit Viola, and fell on the smooth wooden floor again.

Viola picked it up at once and had a look. It was a magazine published by the Star Magazine. There were several bold words on it: "The secret of Mr. Chu, you deserve it.".

She blinked her eyes and chuckled. "Miss Xia, you are also a loyal fan of our magazine."

"Damn you!" "Open the first stamp. Check what the first stamp is. I want pink and black."

Replied Viola perfunctorily. She opened the cover and read the first page. It was about Maynard's hobbies and dislikes.

The most important thing was the information she collected from Elly. With a calm attitude, she edited the electronic documents and handed them to the chief editor. Although she had a feeling that this report would be published, she didn't expect that it was really reported.

"Miss Xia, I don't understand what you're talking about," said Viola, trying to restrain the surging joy

"Don't play dumb with me! I only told you about it. If you don't admit it, I can check the surveillance video. "

With a fearless face, she said, "Okay. I will check the surveillance video. Anyway, I want to prove that I am innocent."

"You are not giving up until you are faced with grim reality!" Elly shook off her hand and shouted, "The steward!"

The Butler came out and asked, "Miss Xia, what's up?"

Viola shrugged.

"Send someone to get the surveillance video of seven days ago!" Hearing that, Elly became furious.

"Okay." The butler went upstairs immediately.