Can't stop loving you

Chapter 35 At Least Make An Explanation

Viola shrieked when she lowered her head.

On the other side, Viola propped herself up with a bed and was about to put on the bath towel, but Maynard put her arm around her waist.

As they looked at each other, they found that the Viola's long hair was falling down with a pearl like glow on her slender shoulder.

She felt his breath was too hot, so she struggled hard in a hurry. However, as he grinned a little bit, her body leaned forward a bit, and there was also a soft touch on her lips.

She didn't realize that she was going to die when she realized what a stupid thing she had done.

She could not be more flustered when she saw Maynard's dark eyes rolling over and down I said I didn't do it on purpose. Do you believe me? "

In fact, she couldn't believe it herself.

"What do you think?" Maynard said in a hoarse voice.

Knowing that he didn't believe her, Viola felt like weeping but had no tears. "I really didn't mean to do that. You can pretend to believe me, okay?"

Hardly had her voice faded away, a warm and broad palm covered her eyes.

Viola was terrified. She tried hard to push him away and wiggle around.

"You are so disobedient. Tell me how to punish you?" As if he was punishing her by gently kissing her ears.

Her body shook. She could feel that thousands of electric current went through her body where he had touched. She was so scared that she dared not act rashly.

Early in the morning, the first ray of sunshine fell on the bedside, feeling that the sun's temperature was rising slowly, and she opened her eyes.

When she felt an arm rest on her waist, she looked down and her brain was in a mess.

Especially when she remembered that she had shared the same bed with the culprit who had made her so unlucky every night, she screamed "Ah!".