Can't stop loving you

Chapter 36 Frame Her

They arrived at a clothing store which was said to be the most famous one in the city.

Looking at the beautiful and fashionable clothes on the dummy, as well as Elly choosing clothes, Viola was upset when she saw the seven or eight clothes bags in her hands.

Today, she had walked four shops with her. When she reached one of them, she felt that her feet were numb. However, Elly was as if nothing had happened. What's more, she even came here. She didn't know how to describe her.

She sighed, put the gifts on the sofa and was about to sit down to have a rest, Elly walked towards her with two dresses in her hands.

"Miss Qi, do you think this Strapless short dress suits me or this Strapless long dress suits me?"

Hearing that, Viola raised her head. They were dark blue and a long silvery dress inlaid with diamond. The dress glittered so brightly that she was almost dazzled.

She lowered her head and answered, "Everything is fine. You can buy whatever you like."

"Miss Qi, can you tell me how you and Maynard slept in the same room last night?" She asked as she handed the dresses to the shop assistant behind her.

Viola had no choice but to explain dryly, "The power was off in our villa last night, and the door was locked from inside, so president Chu and I could only stay inside for one night."

"What a coincidence!" She crossed her legs and blinked her watery eyes. "Miss Qi, is it possible that you seduced Maynard and made up a lie to tell me?"

Knowing that she didn't believe what she said, Viola shut her mouth and stopped talking.

"Miss Qi, please stay away from Maynard. He and you are not the same person," She said unpleasantly.

"I'll try my best," said Viola, who was also conscientious

When she was about to say something, there was phone ring from her LV handbag.

She gave a glare at Viola and walked to the French window.

Feeling relieved, she sat on the sofa and took out her cell phone. When she saw the screen was 10, she couldn't help but whine.