Can't stop loving you

Chapter 11 She Didn't Hang Up

Viola could feel that her legs were constantly shivering.

She had hit him with the ashtray just now, so Maynard must have hated her.

No, I can't stay here any longer!

Upon arriving home, Viola took out her suitcase and crammed it with her clothes.

"Mommy, are you going to move out?" As soon as Ann came in, he saw that she was in a hurry. He lifted the corners of his mouth.

Putting the last piece of clothing on, Viola said without looking up, "Ann, we're going to leave this place of trouble and move on to a brand new and peaceful life."

"What?" Ann glanced at her, "Comrade Viola, be honest with me. Have you done something terrible?"

Viola shook her head like a wave drum, and pleaded, "My son, listen to me this time, and I'll explain it to you later, okay?"

Ann said, concealing the concern in his eyes.

It was his first time to see his mother so terrified. It seemed that it was necessary to find it out by special means.

When she saw that he did not object, Viola knew that he had agreed and immediately let out a sigh of relief.

Now the situation was very serious. They might die if they didn't run. They had no chance in the future.

Viola packed up her stuff, took her son wearing a peaked cap by taxi to the airport reception desk to buy the tickets.