Can't stop loving you

Chapter 12 Paparazzi

When they got home, Viola, who was still suffering from extreme fear, tossed and turned in bed the whole night. The next day, after she sent Ann to school, she came to the periodical office with two black eyes.

"I don't care whether I keep my head low or not," With a mournful look, she continued, "I hope I will have a happy ending with the editor in chief."

She screwed up an interview for the third time. She wouldn't be punished, unless there was a miracle.

Viola stepped on the steps step by step, as if she didn't care about the consequences at all. When she stepped into the threshold, her eyes were shining with shiny light. All of a sudden, she was scared to scream.

"Viola, we are waiting for you. Don't shout." Stephanie walked over and looked at her with displeasure and fear in her eyes.

Viola thought she was unable to protect herself and didn't notice it.

Hearing Stephanie's words, Viola trembled like a leaf in the wind and rain.

'Oh, crap! The chief editor is going to criticize me in front of so many people. She must want to make a scene to warn those who are not good at their work.

"Yes, I'm sorry, chief editor. I'm a man of my word. I shouldn't be useless. I should be grateful for what I have done. Please help me. Don't make me suffer."

On instinct, Viola clung to Stephanie's leg, crying.

"Viola, get up first." With these words, Stephanie was about to help her.