Can't stop loving you

Chapter 9 I've Seen Every Part

"Reporter, don't waste my time." Maynard said impatiently.

Viola gave a slight cough and smiled embarrassingly. "Mr. Chu, I know that your time is money. No problem. I'll start right away."

Viola opened her laptop that had been put on the sofa the whole night. This time, she asked a relatively euphemistic question. "What kind of woman do you think is charming?"

She thumbed up for herself in her mind.

This seemed to be an unimportant question, and Maynard should have answered it?

Maynard fixed his eyes on the screen of his cellphone. Astonished, he asked, "Reporter Qi, do you have any improper desire for me?"

Viola's eyesight was very good. From her angle, she saw Maynard was playing with her cellphone happily.

Viola had goose bumps all over her.

She held the notebook in her arms a little tighter unconsciously and said in a low voice, "How could that be possible? Mr. Chu, although you're handsome and rich, you have a very bad character. Who will like a CEO who doesn't know about suffering at all?"

Hearing her complaint, Maynard raised his head and took a faint look at her.

"Really?" A smile played at the corners of Maynard's mouth. An evil smile played at the corners of his eyes and at the corners of his mouth. "Are you mocking me for not being charming?" he asked.

The label on the hood was so big that Viola could smell danger.