Can't stop loving you

Chapter 8 She Was Out Of Her Mind

Viola couldn't stay calm any more. She grabbed her son's clothes and said, "No way. You are the master of the family. I can handle such trifles as making money."

She tried her best to minimize her posture with a cheeky grin.

Ann's face bulged and he looked at Viola with disdain, "You are so silly. It's good that you are not sold by someone."

Viola was speechless. She denied, "I'm your mother. How can it be wrong? You don't need to worry about money since I am here. "

Her son was really a genius. He had a great IQ since childhood, leaving other children far behind, and rarely let her worry. It was just because he was smart and easygoing. How could he not be trained?

"You are right. Don't turn to me for help if you are frustrated." Ann snorted and turned his head.

He wanted to share her burden because she was too tired, but she was not happy at all. He developed behind her back, and then gave this stupid woman a surprise.

"Your mommy is a unyielding small strong woman. I won't give up easily!" A slight sigh of relief escaped from Viola's chest, she nodded quickly.

If she had wanted to go back to the bottom of the society and fight, now she had completely stifled this idea in the cradle!

She was determined to stay in this city, so that her son could receive the best education and she could earn money!

The melancholy in Viola's eyes disappeared and was replaced by determination.

The next day, Viola arrived at the Chu group by pinching an hour. She brought a cup of steaming coffee to the door of the CEO's office and knocked on the door.

She raised her head and looked at Maynard, who was working in the room. Viola's eyes were as clear as water, while Maynard's face was overcast.