Can't stop loving you

Chapter 2 Is It Him

"Let me go!" Terrified, Viola screamed out and struggled to push Maynard off her.

Maynard, slow as he was, could sense that his own unusual reaction was caused by some drug. But when he saw that Viola's long hair spread out like the sea and her faint fragrance wafted to his senses, the growing heat from inside him became stronger.

He held her arms over her head, and stooped down to press his lips against hers, completely ignoring her struggle.

With her eyes wide open, Viola recalled something that had happened in the past. She bit his lips hard, the metallic taste of blood spreading on her mouth.

"You better behave yourself," Maynard smirked, licking off the blood at the corner of his mouth. His clear eyes looked clouded because of the drug that he took.

Viola struggled even harder and began to kick around. Her action did not anger Maynard. In fact, he even laughed at her attempt.

With one quick movement, he took his tie from the edge of the bed and tied it around Viola's wrists twice.

"Bastard! Bastard!"

Viola was short of breath. She wanted to yell for help, but his thin lips were pressing against hers once more.

Light shone through the windows as the sun rose in the early morning. Viola's long and thick eyelashes trembled, and for a moment she was at a daze. Remembering what had happened last night, she jolted up. The movement caused her so much pain that it made her gasp out.