Boss's Sweet Secretary

Chapter 41: Being Nice for No Reason?

After work, in order not to cause any more trouble, Jennifer packed her things early and went downstairs. She was going to buy a new phone with Rose.

When she arrived at the door, the same thing as yesterday happened again. A group of fans wearing masks surrounded her and Rose.

"It's her. It's her... She came out."

"Let's go..."

The scene from yesterday was still vivid in her mind. Jennifer could still vaguely feel pain in her ankle, and she immediately panicked.

Rose saw that they were wearing Jackson's fan club t-shirt with Jackson's blue sticker on their face. She suddenly realized these must be Jackson's die-hard fans.

With the thought of bestie before idols, she pulled Jennifer behind her. "Hey, I'm telling you guys, Jackson has already clarified on Instagram that my best friend here has nothing to do with him, absolutely nothing at all. You guys don't do anything crazy..."

A few leaders hurriedly explained, "No, no, we are here to apologize for those crazy fans..."

Both of them were stunned.

"This gift is to show how sorry we are. I hope you won't be affected by those people. We apologize to you on Jackson's behalf."

They handed a yellow paper bag to Rose. Inside was a beautifully packaged box of chocolate. It looked expensive judging by the logo.

Rose was confused by the sudden change of tone. She turned around and made way for them. She raised her head and looked curiously at Jennifer. "Jennifer..."

Jennifer was stunned too. Yesterday, they were throwing eggs at her, but today, they were giving her chocolate. These young fans were really capricious.

She didn't want to argue with these young girls.

"I will accept the apology, but the gift..."