Boss's Sweet Secretary

Chapter 42: Bars

On the flyover in California, there were neon lights and cars as far as eyes could see.

James was driving the car and he had already gone around the city twice, but he still hadn't figured out what his boss wanted.

"Mr. Hans, do you want to go somewhere?"

Hans, who was sitting in the back seat, looked calm and asked emotionlessly, "What time is it?"

James stopped before he said, "Nine seventeen."

Hans looked out of the window. He seemed to be in a trance, with a trace of tiredness that could not be concealed.

Usually, when Hans looked like this, he liked to go somewhere lively.

James suggested daringly.

"A few new bars opened up at Newport. If you are interested, I can take you there to have a look."

Hans did not speak. It seemed that he silently agreed.

James took his silence as a yes. Anyway, they had been wandering on this road for almost three hours. As long as they were going somewhere, it didn't matter where. James turned the car around and headed to the downtown area.

California at 9 o'clock at night looked even more attractive than during the day. The lights on the streets were excessively bright. The city seemed to put on seductive makeup to attract more people, and the street lights seemed to shine just for them.

When the car arrived at the street with all the bars in Newport, James pulled up and led Hans through the crowd in the newly opened bar. They found a quiet spot behind the dance floor.

Hans was quite good-looking, and he was wearing an expensive suit. The Patek Philippe on his wrist was a symbol of his status. As soon as he sat down, he attracted a lot of attention.