Billionaire Lost to His Surrogate In A Love Game

Chapter 424 Truth of the Car Accident

“Savannah, what are you talking about?” Mrs. Chambers fumbled.

Savannah looked back at Mrs. Chambers and mumbled, “You really like her more than your only daughter, Mom.”

Mrs. Chambers was filled with frustration. She hid a lot of things for her only daughter, but she didn’t understand her thoughts.

What could she do to make her daughter understand that she was doing this for her good.

“Savannah, how can you say that? I can see how much mom loves you.” Ophelia also wore a serious face and said.

She didn’t get Mrs. Chambers involved in her conflict with Savannah. She didn’t want to ruin the relationship between Mrs. Chambers and Savannah.

Savannah shouts, “Ophelia, stop pissing on it. If not you, I will never break up with my mother. I really regret that I didn’t get you killed in the car accident.”

Ophelia was stunned, Mrs. Chambers’ face turned pale, and Mr. Chambers and Zachariah also wore an ugly face.

Ms. Chambers gave a quick response, and she pulled Savannah to the driver but was stopped by Ophelia.

“Mom, I have something to ask Savannah. It’s getting late and she’s staying here tonight. This is her home and she has her own bedroom.” Ophelia glanced at Mrs. Chambers and said forcefully.

Mrs. Chambers licked her lips and said, “Ophelia, Savannah is in a huffing mood, what she said is not real. We are all tired today, and it’s late. Zachariah, take your wife upstairs and go to bed early.”