Zachariah turned around.

Savannah wiped away her tears and looked stiffly at Mrs. Chambers. “Savannah, the driver will drive you back to your house after the party. Your father and I will pick you up back home here.”

“Mom, so you insist to send your own daughter away for that woman, right?”

“Savannah, I have to do it this way for your good.”

“Mom, I love you very much, and I am willing to take good care of you. But I hate you now because you should eject me for another woman.” Savannah cried more loudly. “You let me get out! Ok, I now get out of here. You’d better leave me alone to rot.”

Mrs. Chambers felt a dull pain in her chest.

“Mom, if you still love me, let me stay.” Savannah embraced one last bit of hope.

Mrs. Chambers sat on the bed, breathing heavily.

Zachariah patted her on the back with worried. “Mom, are you okay?”

Mrs. Chambers waved her hand, but insisted, “Zachariah, you drive your younger sister back to her house after the party. After all, it’s dark, and it’s dangerous that she comes back alone.”

Zachariah thought about it and finally nodded.

“Mom, I see. Don’t worry.” Zachariah said.

Mrs. Chambers took a breath, and the pain in her chest gradually subsided.