I saw my mama crying beside my bed when I woke up.

“Ayesha!” She cried harder when she saw that I was already awake.

“S-Stop crying Mama,” I stuttered. I didn’t know how to make her stop. What actually was happening?

“Thank God! You’re awake! It’s been three days.” I was baffled. I was really out for three days?

I couldn't believe that I was unconscious for three consecutive days after what happened in town.

The last thing that I remembered was I threw a large ball of fire to the retreating enemy. That was it. Did I pass out after?

“What happened Mama?” I was confused.

“You passed out after burning every enemy in town. That’s what your papa said. We’re both unconscious because of what happened. Good thing that some of the townspeople helped your papa to help us.”

“I was really out for three days?”

“Yes. You are.” She caressed my cheeks and then held my hand. “You shouldn’t have done that Ayesha. You’ve been exposed. The Higher Council already knows about you.”

My eyes widened while looking at my mama. “W-What are they going to do to me Mama?” I was scared. Mama squeezed my hand and looked at me in the eyes.

“Just do what they want. Go with them willingly so that they will not do anything to you or even force you to go with them. Do not use your fire. Understood?”

“Okay, Mama.” My voice was so weak. So that means that they would take me to the castle?

My papa suddenly burst inside my room. My brows furrowed. He looked like he saw a ghost.

“They’re here,” he said nervously.

“What do you mean, Simeon?” Mama asked, confused.

“The Higher Council and the Royal Guard are here.” My eyes widened from what Papa just said.

“M-Mama,” I was on the verge of crying.

“They have been waiting for your awakening, Ayesha. They’re here to take you to the palace. I’m sorry. We can’t do anything to save you.” Mama started to cry harder this time.

with them wearing luxury clothes. His face was void of any emotion. He looked at me and I couldn’t

My father and mother suddenly went on their

the Higher Council? Now I know why. His aura brought fear. Even

He didn’t even look at my parents who was kneeling

said without

stood up right away and

Ayesha?” I swallowed the lump on my throat and just nodded at his question. “You’re aware of what you did, right?” he asked and I nodded

on me and looked at the royal guard

in front of us. The royal guard went back to his post while Higher Council Gustav was looking at the

“Ayesha Solomon, please stand.” I stood up in front of him and clasped both of my hands together while my heart was beating faster. "You broke the law and wreaked havoc in the Kingdom of Zoara. For which I find you guilty. Such a serious criminal act can and must not

of what he just said. My eyes started to watered as I looked at my Mama and Papa. My Mama was already crying while Papa was

dragged from here by

and looked at Higher Council Gustav. I would be okay. The gift that I

“I’ll go with you willingly,” I said in the low

“Good choice,” he said and then turned his back to me

that they were holding a handcuff and shackles to restrain me. They handcuffed my hands in my back and put shackles on

my feet feel so cold and rough on my skin.

do what they wanted. In our kingdom, they were the law. We couldn’t do anything but to do what they

I wonder how many people like me who happened to be restrained by these handcuffs and shackles. I bet it was a lot of them.

our house looking at me with pity in their eyes. Some were murmuring about something and then looked away when I saw them looking at me. I tried my best not to cry to not look more pitiful to them. I looked down and tried not to look at them as the guard accompanied me to walk towards a wagon that was waiting for

an amount of air to calm myself down.

inside of a carriage. While some guards are on their horses. The others

our house and saw my Mama and Papa standing on the door, weeping for me as the wagon started to

hear. Little by the little, the town disappeared from my sight and all I could see was the greenfields as the wagon moved towards

were with me kept glancing at my side. And I could see a creepy smile on their lips while they were looking at each other after looking at

I looked at myself and I didn’t notice that I

of the guards asked with a creepy smile.

been asked,” the other guard said as he moved closer to

I pressed myself more to the corner of the wagon. Fear crept in me when one of the guards

“Ahhh!” the guard cried in pain. I didn’t even notice that it was my hand who

The handcuff that was on my hand melted as well

stood up and jumped down the

body landed on the dusty road. I felt a stinging pain on some part of my body. There, I noticed that I got some scratches on my

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