I saw my mama crying beside my bed when I woke up.

“Ayesha!” She cried harder when she saw that I was already awake.

“S-Stop crying Mama,” I stuttered. I didn’t know how to make her stop. What actually was happening?

“Thank God! You’re awake! It’s been three days.” I was baffled. I was really out for three days?

I couldn't believe that I was unconscious for three consecutive days after what happened in town.

The last thing that I remembered was I threw a large ball of fire to the retreating enemy. That was it. Did I pass out after?

“What happened Mama?” I was confused.

“You passed out after burning every enemy in town. That’s what your papa said. We’re both unconscious because of what happened. Good thing that some of the townspeople helped your papa to help us.”

“I was really out for three days?”

“Yes. You are.” She caressed my cheeks and then held my hand. “You shouldn’t have done that Ayesha. You’ve been exposed. The Higher Council already knows about you.”

My eyes widened while looking at my mama. “W-What are they going to do to me Mama?” I was scared. Mama squeezed my hand and looked at me in the eyes.

“Just do what they want. Go with them willingly so that they will not do anything to you or even force you to go with them. Do not use your fire. Understood?”

“Okay, Mama.” My voice was so weak. So that means that they would take me to the castle?

My papa suddenly burst inside my room. My brows furrowed. He looked like he saw a ghost.

“They’re here,” he said nervously.

“What do you mean, Simeon?” Mama asked, confused.

“The Higher Council and the Royal Guard are here.” My eyes widened from what Papa just said.

“M-Mama,” I was on the verge of crying.

“They have been waiting for your awakening, Ayesha. They’re here to take you to the palace. I’m sorry. We can’t do anything to save you.” Mama started to cry harder this time.