The days had passed in a blur and it was already the month of the wheat harvest.

In a year we have two seasons for harvest. The first one was the harvest during the middle of the year. And the second and busiest one took on the end of the summer during the last part of the year.

To everything, there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted…’ That was what the priest preached last Sunday.

I almost fell asleep during his preach. Well, honestly, I always felt sleepy during Sabbath Day.

The fire in the forest was also preached during that time. I couldn’t help but stiffen and bow my head because I was so guilty.

Rumors spread like wildfire. Some say that it was an attack from the rival kingdom. And some say that it was a rebellion to the Kingdom.

We were the only one who knew the truth. That it was me all along with the culprit of the incident.

My parents act like we didn’t know everything. And the more that the rumors spread, the more that I was guilty.

I was in my room again. My mama was serious when she said that I am not allowed to go out. After that incident, I was always inside the house. I didn’t dare to go out and upset them again.

I stop using the fire in me. It was not that easy, but I tried my best to control myself for not using it.

“I’m going out,” my mother called over my shoulder. “Don’t forget what I told you.” She paused in the doorway. “Oh, and I left some food on the table for you to eat later. Love you!”

“Love you too,” I respond with a smile and wave her goodbye.

I sighed and dragged my feet towards my bed. I was all alone again. I lay down and covered myself with a blanket. I closed my eyes and fell into slumber.

I was in the middle of the forest when I saw my mama and papa was being caught with the wildfire.

“Mama! Papa!” I shouted while crying as I saw how the fire engulfs their body while they were screaming from pain.

The setting suddenly changed and instead of standing in the forest, I was standing in the middle of our town looking at how it was burned to ashes.

I covered my ears when I heard a scream. A lot of painful screams. It was from the people in our town. They were screaming for help. Crying out to stop the pain. Screaming to make it over.

I stood in my place, crying. I screamed and the sky became suddenly dark. I was weeping so hard when the Kingdom of Zoara was suddenly being rain with fire.

I fell to the ground and kneeled. I was the only one left. Everyone was burned to ashes. Smokes spread all over clouding my sight.

I heard a loud horn and the rain of fire stopped and was replaced with rainwater.

I saw the silhouette of a man walking away from me. His footsteps are the only ones that I could hear.

“Help me!” I tried to call him but he didn't even glance at me until the smoke

Another horn and the town was being flooded with water. My eyes widened when a big wave was coming towards me. I stood up and ran but the big wave got me and swept me

know how to

My breathing became uneven. I tried to breathe but

to sting. I was already losing hope. I blinked when I saw a light coming towards me. I raised my hand and tried to reach it. Too much water filled my lungs and

a lot when I woke up. It

and got some water from the jar and drank it in one gulp. I looked at the window, it was already dark outside. I slept that whole

I could hear the creaking sound of our wooden chair when I

that in the first place? Was it because of what I’ve done to the

didn’t know why. My dream. I couldn't help but think of it a couple of times. It has been making me agitated

front door suddenly opened and I saw my mama and papa bursting in with

“What’s wrong?” I asked them, confused.

and put the vegetables and fruits that they

“Just stay here, Ayesha. We need to go back to the town,”

you need to go back? Did something happen?” I

other's eyes. Like they were

help with the harvest there. Something just came up and they


mama. Her voice was laced with seriousness. “Let’s go, Simeon. We need

to go.” She grabbed Papa’s hand

walked towards the window and looked at them. They were running

My eyes flew in the town's direction. My forehead creased when I saw a lot of smoke coming from there. I suddenly felt nervous. The

papa being engulfed with fire suddenly pops out of my mind and I couldn’t help but feel worried and nervous for them. What if it will

have the chance to save them in my dream but I could right now. I could

got out of our house and disobeyed my mama again. With just my old slipper with me, I ran and followed my parents

panicking while running

“Run! The other Kingdom is attacking us!”

the ground when someone bumped at me. She didn’t even

trying to find my parents, I heard a loud cry from

“Mama. Papa.” She cried. My forehead creased while

sitting in the corner at the back of the wagon. I ran towards where she was and scooped


that I should stay here until they

“But it’s not safe here anymore,”

“N-No. I will wait for my mama,”

“Mira!” I heard the voice of a woman coming from my back. I looked over my shoulder and she was looking at the little girl

The little girl shouted in delight and ran towards the woman.

She was crying a while ago so I thought she needs help,” I said

“Thank you!” she replied while looking at me with a gentle expression. “You need to leave

The Kingdom of Havilah was attacking us? Why? Was

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