Avenger's coming back

Chapter 370 Care

Soon, Ellison came back with what Hailey needed.

He handed the round glass container and tweezers to her. "It's what you want."

"It's so fast." Hailey took it over, bent down and carefully took out the skin tissue from the crack of Wayne's fingernails one point one by one.

Eric frowned and was thinking about his own business. Ellison stood aside and watched quietly. Well, it was the first time that he had seen Hailey working. She was so concentrated that she looked completely different from what he had seen before.

At this moment, she gave people a special feeling, as if… She was more charming. Sure enough, a serious woman was the most charming!

After a while, Hailey collected the evidence, stood up and raised the circular glass container in front of her. Under the light, the skin tissue inside was very clear, although not much, but it was of great importance.

"The victim crawled on the ground before he died, causing his hand to be injured, and even the skin on his fingertips was rubbed. His blood stained the skin and tissues left by the suspect. It may be troublesome to test the DNA." While saying, Hailey closed the round glass container and handed it to Eric.

"Take it. Ask Harry to test you."

"Thank you." Eric took it and looked at it. Then he looked at the corpse of Wayne on the iron frame bed in the incandescent light, and unconsciously tightened his grip on the glass container.

He looked away and looked at the two people who were unwilling to go out. "Please put my grandfather's corpse back. Thank you."

The two men nodded.

After getting the evidence, they naturally wouldn't stay here for too long.

After walking out of the hospital, Eric opened the door and was about to get on the car when he suddenly stopped and said to Ellison who was about to sit on the driver's seat, "Brother, I want you to send this to Harry. I'm going back to find the evidence of the suspects that have been locked."

Ellison understood what he was doing. "That's good. In this way, at least we can shorten the time to find out the real murderer."

"Thank you." Eric smiled and handed the thing in his hand to him.

"You're welcome, buddy." Ellison took it over with a smile. "Take a taxi home. Be careful."

"Okay." Eric nodded, closed the door that he had just opened, turned around and walked to the other side of the road. He hailed a taxi, got in and left.

Ellison drove Hailey to Harry's hospital.

After returning to the Gu family, the first person that Eric went to find was Jarvis. Although he was regarded as a suspect, he subconsciously trusted him the most.

intention, he pulled out a few hairs without hesitation, put

was the real murderer, he would not do this. And he was the family doctor of

that he didn't answer, Jarvis said again, "I know that when he is sick, all the people in the

smiled apologetically,

over and said

I won't." Jarvis's attitude was both

I'm leaving now." Eric left with

wanted to hurt his grandfather, there was no need to wait until today. As his grandfather's family doctor,

deep grudge against the Gu family, so Jarvis was almost

It seemed that it was a little difficult. He couldn't ask them for it openly like she did to Jarvis. He could only look for it slowly in secret.

found that it was getting dark. If he wanted to find evidence, he had to wait until midnight. He

against the back of the

the atmosphere in the living room was

whole house was

dinner with my parents with my uncle and big brother. As soon as he

at this moment, no matter how hungry he was, he was not in the mood to

this moment, the door was opened. Eric narrowed his eyes and stared at the

and Jade, who had disappeared

snort, Eric looked away and approached the sofa again. He was not in the mood to see

She looked worn out as if she had come here in a

there was only Eric in the living room, she walked up to him in

and glanced at her coldly, "Can't

he would block her in this way. How, how should she feel? It was her son who called


much patience for her, and now he was even more annoyed by her question. "You don't know where your husband and son are. How

glared at him, then turned around and

after what she had done. He had planned to go to Simon's room to get his hair in the middle of the night, but now as soon as Jade came back, it was unlikely to get it tonight. The more one person in the room, the

rang, which was particularly abrupt in

phone and found it was from Noble.

"Ellison called me just now and told me that he was still in Harry's hospital. He said that there

fine." Eric answered tiredly.

slightly. "Don't work too hard. Deal with your grandfather's

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