Avenger's coming back

Chapter 369 Important Clues

When they arrived at the hospital, they went straight to the doctor who had given first aid to Wayne and explained his purpose. Of course, he would not tell the real reason. He just found an excuse.

After that, the doctor found two people who were responsible for sending Wayne's body to the morgue.

Under his lead, the three of them came to the mortuary.

Normally, no one was allowed to come to this place, but Eric persuaded the doctor to let the two take the three of them in.

As soon as they entered the morgue, a cold air rushed over. Eric shivered subconsciously, and so did Ellison. But Hailey didn't react at all. She looked indifferent, as if she had been accustomed to it.

The scene in the mortuary was not very frightening. The middle of the mortuary was very empty. Apart from the two iron frame beds where corpses were parked and which could be pushed freely, there was nothing else. The surface of the surrounding walls were all made of square iron sheets. If one pulled out the grid, it would be a rectangular ice box with corpses inside.

After they entered the corpse room, they stood still aside, because they didn't know which room Wayne's corpse was placed in, so they could only wait for the two people to operate.

The two men dragged a sliding iron frame to a four square iron grid and stopped it. Then they opened it and pulled it out. After carrying Wayne's body out of it and putting it on the iron frame, they pushed it to the middle of the morgue and turned on the light.

The strong white light was on, and only a beam of light shone on Wayne's corpse, which was in sharp contrast to the dim light around him.

After the corpse was placed, the three of them immediately surrounded it, and the two consciously retreated to the side.

Seeing his grandfather's corpse again, Eric felt both sad and depressed, as if a mass of depression was blocked in his chest.

Looking at Wayne's corpse, Ellison didn't show much expression. He was neither afraid nor showed any other emotions. He was always calm.

Hailey was already preparing for work. She tied her long hair into a ponytail, and then took out a pair of plastic gloves from her trouser pocket, which hadn't been opened.

Seeing this, Ellison raised his eyebrows subconsciously and asked in a low voice, "Where did you get this?"

They were on a date before coming here. It was impossible for her to bring it with her?

him and said in a low voice, "It's a piece of

deliberately glanced at the two people standing aside, hoping that they

there happened to be two pairs of gloves on the desk, so she took

doctor finished talking with Eric, he asked two people to take them to the morgue, so she didn't want

loud. Instead, he laughed

open the outer package of the gloves. Her action was very fluent. "I

He looked at Hailey who was working hard.

had already entered a state of careful observation. She bent her upper body and frowned. Her heroic and palm

the surface of his face, then on his ears. She looked up at his head carefully, and then put it back, and then exposed

and said, "There is no

Eric didn't respond.

her head and carefully observed the part covered by the white clothes. Her eyes swept across Wayne's left hand. The skin on his palm was scraped, and there was solidified

on the ground for help after

in her sight, especially the crack of his nails. According to her investigation of many cases like this, there were often many

Regardless of her family's objection, she resolutely chose to run away from home and studied this major abroad. In order not to disappoint her fervent love for it, she almost mastered all the knowledge that the

do a simple autopsy, but she wouldn't do anything more specific, such as dissecting corpses… If she encountered such a case, she would usually hand

of disappointment, Hailey put down Wayne's left hand, because she didn't find anything unexpected in the

not give up, but chose to

The skin on the palm of his right hand was also rubbed, and the wound was bigger than his left hand. There was mud on his

made such a conclusion in her mind, and then her eyes fell on

of her thumb's nails. She was a little disappointed, but the next second, she suddenly raised her head

the smile on her face was even wider. Then she looked at the nails

at Eric and Ellison and said with certainty,

Ellison was confused.

on the other hand, was

right hand and said to Eric, "I found something surprising

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