After divorce I am a billionaire

Chapter 135 He is just a sufferer

Lyra frowned gently. Why did that sound a bit like molesting her?

She snorted coldly and sarcastically, "I don't remember if you used to be good or not, but now I guess it's ..."

Melvin's face went wan and he understood what she meant. Because of the special effects of the drug, his strength was not as strong as before.

But as a man, how could he admit defeat in sexual function?

He almost didn't even think about it twice and replied directly, "Well, do you want to try it now? See if I can do it?"

"You're looking for death!"

Lyra was very angry and glared at him angrily. She pinched his left side of the face viciously and twisted it hard.

"Hiss, it hurts ..."

Melvin's whole face wrinkled together. He dared not hide, and can only cry out in pain.

Lyra let go in anger.

The left side of his face turned red. His tears were almost coming out because of the pain. Also, he dared not rub his face in front of Lyra, and his grievance expression made him look like a sufferer.

Although she knew he was deliberately acting, Lyra felt much better and the anger also subsided when seeing his miserable look.

"Get out of the car. It's your first day after your promise. I'm going back to Angle."


Melvin first patted off the thin ash on his knees and trouser legs, sat back down on the car seat and slightly tidied his collar before opening the car door with a cold face and getting out.

Lyra saw that he can switch his expressions easily, so it was a pity that he was not a movie star!

She called and arranged for Fifteen and Eighteen in the back of the car to follow him, and then went straight to the Angle Group.

Time always flied when people were serious about their work.

It was almost the end of the day, and Lyra was about to call Jackie to ask about the status of the Shurvine project.

Before she could make the phone call, she received a call from Jackie.

Jackie's emotion was high.

don't know what method Mr. Freeman used. Today is only the first day, and the Shurvine has already restored the original order. The atmosphere of the construction team is

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Jackie laughed delightfully.

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