After divorce I am a billionaire

After divorce I am a billionaire

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Chapter 144 Someone doesn't want her to have a good time

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After divorce I am a billionaire novel by Vivian:

For the sake of love, Lyra left everything behind and worked as a full-time wife for three years. But in the end, she realized that all her efforts were not as good as one look from her husband's first love. Disheartened, Lyra resolutely filed for divorce. "Sorry, I'm a billionaire! I want a strong man to be my husband." Immediately after, the whole internet exploded! A billionaire super rich woman, suspected to have divorced? So, all the CEOs are scrambling to court her. Melvin in front of the screen can not stand it, the next day held a press conference, the beautiful name: kneeling to beg his wife home!

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After divorce I am a billionaire

After divorce I am a billionaire

143 Chapters

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