Adoration At Night and Forever

Chapter 22 Challenge And Warn Amanda

"You all know that?" Christine swallowed. She didn't expect that she was so famous that even Miss Melisa knew her.

However, Miss Melisa had heard of her, but it didn't mean that Director Brian also knew her! Director Brian would be shocked if he knew what kind of person she was!

"Huh?" Miss Melisa thought that in fact, Christine was quite cute. It seemed that the rumor was really untrustworthy.

"Does Director Brian know about it?" Christine asked again, which made Miss Melisa roll her eyes.

"Yes, we all know." Miss Melisa rolled her eyes and replied to Christine speechlessly.

"Alright." Lowering her head, Christine didn't know whether she should be happy or feel sad for herself.

"Three days later, go find Director Brian for audition and the school bus will pick you up. Go back and prepare yourself. This is a good opportunity to prove your innocence." Miss Melisa reminded Christine in a responsible manner.

"Can I refuse it? I don't want to go find Director Brian. I don't like acting. I don't like the entertainment circle." In the past few years, Christine had been discredited by the media for a long time, so she had no good impression of the entertainment circle.

"Why? This is a good opportunity, and..." Miss Melisa was the main person in charge of the initial exam. She had an absolute responsibility to guide the selected students, so she couldn't help saying a few more words to Christine.

"Miss Melisa, I know this initial exam is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me, but this opportunity is not what I want."

It was the first time that Christine had expressed her attitude in such a serious manner. It could be seen that she was really tired of entering the entertainment circle.