Adoration At Night and Forever

Chapter 21 Play The Leading Role

Having no idea what kind of surprise Miss Melisa had left for her, Christine sat opposite her uneasily, waiting for her to continue.

"Pfft! Why are you so calm? Don't you want to know what surprise I have for you?" Unfortunately, Miss Melisa didn't see Christine's excited look, but she was not unhappy.

Instead, she felt that the little girl in front of her was very naive, completely different from the selfishness, jealousy and vicious image that was exposed on the media.

After swallowing her saliva, Christine stared at Miss Melisa and didn't say anything. She was so nervous that her legs began to tremble.

"What surprise will Miss Melisa give me?" Did she want to free her and fire her because she hadn't come to class for a long time?

Tears welled up in Christine's eyes. If she was really fired by Miss Melisa, she would put on a play in this office, crying, shouting and hanging! Having made up her mind, Christine felt better.

"Have a guess!" Miss Melisa raised her eyebrows naughtily at the little girl in front of her. The more Christine wanted to know, the more Miss Melisa wanted to tease the little girl.

"Are you trying to fire me?" At this time, what Christine should do was to pretend to be ignorant, but Miss Melisa was so naughty that Christine could not deal with her at all.

According to the principle of "It's all about slash", Christine had completely stretched out her neck in front of Miss Melisa.

"Then tell me, why should I fire you?" Miss Melisa held back her laughter and pretended to be serious about what Christine said. She wanted to know what bad things this little girl had done.

"I shouldn't have skipped classes these days!" Lowering her head, Christine made an apology obediently. Her attitude was very good, like a docile kitten.