A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 54: We're Going Home

Right after she sat down, she saw William walking out of the elevator.


“Mr. Rowland, good morning!” Alice greeted him.


“Good morning!” for the first time, William smiled and greeted Alice back.


Alice was dumbfounded... She wondered what happened to Mr. Rowland? He unexpectedly greeted her and even smiled at 

her! Oh my... Did Mr. Rowland win the lottery? Alice muttered at heart.


In contrast to William's high spirits, Sherry had no spirit at all.


Once William turned his head and saw Sherry in the office room... As if he was quite surprised, he rolled his eyes and 

stopped. Sherry was lowering her head because she didn't dare to see him... As if she felt guilty and hypocritical for working there because of what happened on the previous night.


“Sherry, good morning!” William's voice was very clear.


“G-good morning, Mr. Rowland!” Sherry suddenly stood up and greeted him, but her reserved act was really puzzling that 

Alice also looked over.


William glanced meaningfully at her, “Sherry, bring me a cup of coffee!”


“Yes!” Sherry stiffened, and suddenly felt something slipping out of her eyes... lt was so fast that she quickly left the office room. When she brushed past William, his eyes glistened.


In the coffee room, Sherry covered her face with her hands, she was exhausted. She felt her eyes getting sore, like the whole world was so big but there's no place she could rely on.


Why did he have to be so cruel? He was so cruel that he robbed the only precious thing for her?! Why?! Chastity! Child! It's all gone!


How in the world would she finally be able to see her son?


Who could tell her what she's supposed to do?


Sherry cried in despair and resentment.


With the sorrow and despair, Sherry just felt so hopeless. That's probably the feeling of something so far away, like it's forever.


She put the coffee on the table and sat down at the sofa, burying her head deep between her knees. Suddenly, a pair of black 

leather shoes appeared in her hazy vision.


She slowly raised her head and saw the man standing in front of her.


He was looking straight at her, and his chin was so smooth.


William slightly frowned, “You're hiding here to cry?”


If he didn't say "cry", perhaps her tears wouldn't fall, but she couldn't hold her tears back because he said that! She just 

looked at him like that as her crystal-clear tears fell.


William suddenly stretched his hands out and pulled her into his embrace softly.