A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 55: Sherry Saved The Occasion

“Hmm, actually Mr. Rowland had been very good to me!” Sherry said. He was willing to entrust such an important event for her to do in order to train her but at great risk to himself. If something were to go wrong, then William's loss would be immense.


“Only a gracious woman like you would be repeatedly bullied!” Susan laughed. “Okay, go and rest. I will inform you when the directors come”


“Okay!” She wasn't able to convince Susan so Sherry went to take a nap.


She didn’t go to that villa these couple of days. That person also didn’t contact her but the driver would go to pick her up after work every day but Sherry never accepted the ride.


At six o'clock in the evening.


The lights, the stage, the workers had arrived but the models team was short of one model because of a last-minute incident. That model sprained her ankle and was unable to turn up.

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Susan glared at the person in charge of the model agency, “Mr. Aziz, don’t you know that this will affect our fashion show? Why didn’t you have some standby models? Is that all the models your agency has?”


Perhaps her voice was too loud and it woke Sherry up. She sprung up to her feet and looked at Susan talking to the person from the model agency.


“Ms. Gill, this is the start of the Winter season and there are two fashion event launches in A City right now. All our models had been assigned”


“I don't care, if you cause any delay to our event, you will be responsible for all the losses!”


“Ms. Gill, this was an accident! We also didn't wish for it to happen. Why can't we do it with one less model?”


“Mister, it will affect the look of our launch. The positions of the models had been determined and rehearsed. Now how are we going to let them rehearse again?”


“Susan, what's the matter?” Sherry heard part of it and felt the seriousness of the situation, “Is it very serious?”


“Tina sprained her ankle and they don't have a replacement. All their models had been assigned. We're short of one model!” Susan sought perfection in whatever she did.


Sherry also became anxious when she heard of this, “I'll call and ask other model agencies and see if they can send a model over!”


“Ms. Murray, you don't need to call. They're all out. All the models in K city had been deployed. Our agency is the largest in the city and we don't even have enough models. The problem is all the launch events are happening at the same time across the country!”


“Then what should we do?” Sherry's hand started to tremble.


Susan frowned and looked at Sherry who pursed her lips tightly and suddenly her eyes lit up, “Sherry, why don’t you do it!”


“What?” Sherry was shocked, “Me? How can I? I'm only 1.63m and not tall enough!”


“Sherry! You are very suitable for this attire. I'll have someone bring over a smaller size. Don’t worry, we are doing the Winter season launch and it's different from the previous events. You don’t have to worry so much”


“Susan!” Sherry was close to tears, “I don't know how to catwalk! I totally don’t have any experience!”