A week later, when Lollo got up early to watch the news, she finally understood why Harrison smiled that day.

After the QS Company went bankrupt, Harrison only uploaded two videos on the Internet. The first one was a video of Karl stealing company documents, and the other one was a video of him kneeling in front of Harrison and begging for his forgiveness.

The last sentence of the video was, "Since you have offended me, I'm afraid I won't let go of you, and that company!"

After Harrison said that, the leader of that company would be scared to death even if he didn't take any measures.

As soon as the video was published, their company's stock fell immediately, and many shareholders withdrew their investment. The company couldn't hold on, so it had to declare bankruptcy.

"You're so cunning, Harrison." Lollo really admired him from the bottom of her heart. That company had gone bankrupt without Harrison doing anything. In fact, what Harrison had done behind the scenes was just not made know to the public.

"It's not over yet!"

"What? It's not over yet? Their company has already declared bankruptcy. Isn't it over?"

"Their company has committed commercial plagiarism. They took away the idea of my company and caused so much loss to my company. How can I let them go just because they are bankrupt?"

"What else do you want?" Lollo was worried about them. With a sinister smile, Harrison said, "This is just beginning."

Through his eyes, Lollo seemed to see the arrival of death. Yup, this was the most vicious side of him!

As for what happened next, Lollo could probably guess that if Harrison filed a lawsuit in the court at this time, they really had no way out. On the contrary, if the media hadn't reported Karl's stealing and Harrison filed a lawsuit against the company, things would be much different. In that case although their company was small, they would also try to resist. But now, they didn't stand a chance at all.

hell. He would trample on all the people and things that hindered him.

flashed through Lollo's mind, "Kings and bears often worry their


There are only three hours before the

of water. Fortunately, he dodged it quickly.

you tell me earlier that your classmate gets married today? I'm not prepared

what? You are not the

classmate is an oil tycoon. I'm going to take photos. Now

were still three hours left. She

soon." When Lollo was about to run away, she was directly lifted up and was asked, "Where

for a while. I'll

"What camera? Stay here..."

When Lollo was about to run away, she was pulled back by Harrison, who was holding her by

allow me to take the camera. I am a reporter, and an excellent reporter takes photos at anytime and anywhere. This is professional quality.

she was cursing in her heart, a group of people suddenly came

a little inappropriate to call him a man because he not only wore fancy clothes, but also walked like a sissy. No, her mother said that she couldn't use this word to describe others. So she should use this word

the room, he pounced on Harrison

stared at him blankly, and Lollo's eyes were filled with

it! He was a man more enchanting than a

said that she should use this word to describe the people she hated!

in her heart, 'That man... No, that sissy came over and looked at Lollo up and down, and he then pinched her chin. "This is Mrs. Lollo. She is so beautiful. Even if she doesn't dress up, she is still beautiful. A born beauty. I like

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