Young Mater, Please Confirm The She-package

Chapter 40 Take Me To The Wedding Party

Harrison had been worried about her injured leg the whole night, while Lollo had slept like a log.

"Are you going to school today?"

Lollo stood up and took two steps forward. It was strange. She didn't feel so painful last night. Why did her foot got more serious after a night?

She raised her head and looked at him anguished. "I'd better not... Well, I'll call June and ask her to ask for leave for me."


In fact, it didn't matter whether she called or not. Anyway, the teacher would not blame her.

After the phone call, Lollo sat on the sofa and looked at him anthomaniacly. She giggled while looking, which scared him. "What do you want?"

"I... I haven't eaten anything since last night..."

She touched her belly and tried her best to look pitiful and lovely, hoping that he would pity her. Squinting his eyes, Harrison said, "Go change your clothes first..."

"Why?" Today, Lollo wore a light blue top, matched with an irregular zipper short skirt, which was both refreshing and sexy. She would always attract a group of people's attention with such clothes on...

Looking at her own clothes, Lollo asked, "What's the matter?"

"Nothing. Why do you dress up at home? You are a student. You should dress like a student. T-shirt and jeans will be nice."

"Well..." He had always said that she was like a kid. Now she changed her dressing style, but he was still unsatisfied. She didn't know how he would be satisfied!

old and had already got married. She could wear any clothes as she

cook for you. I won't cook for you either if you

damn rules? I can't even wear beautiful clothes and put on makeup. I'm a girl. I have the right to pursue beauty...' Living in his

was cooking. His skillful slicing technique and adept movements

no, no, no, Lollo, you have to be rational. How can you be anthomaniac? Harrison is not that handsome, is he... Besides, how can you be so irrational? Being anthomaniac is committing crime... Don't look at him. Don't. Don't be fooled by his appearance.

on the ground at the last flight of the stair.

of scolding him in her heart? Harrison was indeed unusual. She just cursed

standing up and buttocks hurt when sitting down. The only way now was to lie

table. They were so close to each other in the broad daylight...

too much. However, when they arrived at the table, he still did not put

"Well... Harrison..."

have to go to work." He picked up a piece of meat and put it before

to feed her now? "I can eat by myself. You don't have to feed me..." Lollo blushed.

I'm afraid that you will choke to death if you

when he put the meat in front of her, Lollo had a bite at

that stupid? As soon as she bit the meat, she was choked. Harrison handed a glass of water to her. She got better

I can sit on the chair and

the ground just now.

didn't know how to say it. Should she tell him that she fell again when she got up

but when she was in front of

that your classmate got married and invited you... And me to her

thinking about other people's wedding party at this time. You'd better think about how to


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