Young Mater, Please Confirm The She-package

Chapter 38 Encounter With Rogues

"Then... Master, should we go back and pick up Mrs. Lollo? She was so dressed up today. What if she met some rogue? I heard that her school is not safe recently."

"Even there is a rogue, he won't be on her. She is stronger than a man. A rogue is no match for her!" He didn't know how he could tell that Lollo didn't look good today and was strong.

"Mrs. Lollo might not take a taxi home. If she takes the subway, you know subway is very crowded..."

"Cut the crap. Let's go!"

He was just comforting himself that no one would have inordinate ambitions for Lollo since she was ugly...

When the car was about to arrive at the JH villa, Harrison suddenly said, "I have left something in the company. Let's go back to the company!"

They would pass Lollo's school on the way to the company. He said that he was going to the company. In fact, Gerry knew very well that he just wanted to pick up Lollo.

'Master has changed so much recently, but he didn't notice it at all!'


Lollo had seen Harrison leave with her own eyes. What's wrong with that crazy man? She was just kidding. Was that necessary?

How could a man of such an age be so mean? No, it had nothing to do with tolerance. He was just crazy!

She didn't bring any money with her. How could she go home?

How about seducing?

Not a good idea. She was not able to seduce others with her look.

money with my intelligence. I can't take the subway with a dress on, or I will really be squeezed to death by

online, she could only take a taxi home and ask Harrison

take a

station across from the school, but no car stopped after she waved her hand for a

Lollo, they were extremely enthusiastic. "Wow, who said that the beauty

she encounter

slow in reaction, and she didn't react for a long time. She had never met a hooligan

I've practiced martial arts. If you come

and closer, and Lollo also put on a posture, pretending to be very

case. One of the hooligans with curly hair laughed and said, "Haha, I remember the beauty we met yesterday said the same thing, but later, she still lay in bed obediently, didn't

group of psychos!

it didn't seem to

arts, she could only use strategy. She was smart. There must be a way. What should she

approached, you can defecate

a UFO!" Lollo pointed at the sky.

sudden, they burst into laughter. "Sister, this is not a science fiction movie.

rich imagination. She really had rich imagination.

my father is Baron Li!" This man was a very powerful local hooligan, although

name, no one dared to provoke her. Unfortunately, they were his men. "Our


Are new not trustful nowadays?

point. Why was there no one in front of the

was useless to shout now, which really responded to the saying, "Just shout, even if you crow

yourself!" In this case, she didn't forget to curse him. If something

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