Young Mater, Please Confirm The She-package

Chapter 37 Clothes Make The Man

Ten minutes later, Lollo walked to the mirror and looked at herself in it. She couldn't help exclaiming, "Wow, surely clothes make the man. Who is this beautiful girl?"

June shook his head while admiring her makeup skills. "Oh, my makeup skills are excellent. I should have chosen to study makeup at that time."

Lollo was a beauty. It was just that she was not good at dressing and didn't have a curvy figure. But she was really different after putting on makeup. She was not only beautiful, but also charming!

"Lollo, I used to doubt why Harrison married someone like you. Now I even doubt why someone like you married him!"

June was not exaggerating. Lollo looked perfect right now except not having full breasts!

After dressing up Lollo walked out of the dormitory. Wherever she went, she could hear people's praise.

At first, she was a little shy. But after getting used to their sincere compliments, she finally summoned up her courage and walked with her head up!

Lollo was gazed like this the whole day. It was more comfortable to take the initiative to attract people's attention.

After class, Lollo pushed June who was sitting next to her and asked, "Am I beautiful in this way?"

"Couldn't you get the answer from people's reaction?"

It didn't matter, because she didn't mean to attract those people. "Then if I walk out of school like this after school. Will anyone notice me?"

"What do you think?"

Well, that was exactly what she wanted. At that time, she wanted to show Harrison how popular she was and she looked much better than the girls he liked!

I would make him regret!

"Lollo, are you dressing up to attract someone?" June turned her head.

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the west gate of the school, where Harrison waited for her as usual. This kind of waiting was gratifying, but

today, she seemed to have caught more attention than ever!

"Hey, Lollo, look here..."



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