Alice took the camera excitedly and smiled happily. "Lollo, you are really something. You are my lucky star."

"Thank you. I'm flattered." Said Lollo listlessly. All she could think about was Harrison and that woman.

It was annoying just to think about it.

"Firstly, post this blurry photo online. After causing a sensation online, we can post a clearer one! After that, we can post the close-up photo online... Haha, Lollo, what do you think?"

Alice asked, but Lollo didn't listen to her at all. She just answered, "Okay..."

She wasn't listening at all!

Alice couldn't help but feel a little worried. It was really not like the Lollo she knew. They got a photo that could make a lot of money. And that's her reaction?

"Lollo, what's wrong with you?"

"Nothing..." Although she said she was fine, she sighed in her heart. Why did she meet Harrison? Why did she meet him here?

What's his relationship to that woman? It seemed that they were very intimate. Was she one of his lovers?

Although they were not a real couple, she didn't want him to have anything to do with that woman!

"Hey, Lollo, what's wrong with you?" It was not until Alice pushed her that Lollo came to her senses. "I am fine, Alice. I'll go home first. As for the money, we'll talk about it after you get the commission."

It was the first time that Lollo didn't care about money, which was abnormal, very abnormal!

Alice went back to the company to pack up her stuff, while Lollo took a taxi home.

as she returned to CQ community, she directly

shower, she felt more comfortable, but she

looked at herself in it. She was pretty, but her figure... Was not too

She didn't have as good a figure

figure wasn't

heavy make-up, that woman seemed to be at least three years older

all liked sexy women! Harrison often called her

her? She was just his contractual wife. The two

that's it. In that case, why did she think so much? Turn off the light! Go to

closed her eyes. Although she said she would not to think about it

'Oh my god!'

the light, and dialed June's number. "I'll go to

a daze. After hanging up the phone, Lollo finally fell asleep

second morning, Lollo woke up early. She rummaged through the boxes and wardrobe and found a lot of clothes, which were all bought by Harrison. She had never worn them before. Instead, she wore

Harrison chose these clothes, he must like girls dressing in

night, there was no one to send her to

early. When she came to the school, it

usually wouldn't get up

dormitory door of June early in the morning. Of course June didn't get up, but her roommate Linda was up

shocked. "Lollo, what happened to you?

beautiful. I just happen to wear some pretty clothes today. By the way, I

and said, "I must haven't woke up yet. I start to see things.

you are not seeing things.

Linda, who had climbed

was beautiful, then she must be very beautiful. If Harrison saw her in this way, he would definitely be stunned. Haha,

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