Young Mater, Please Confirm The She-package

Chapter 35 Not In The Position To Be Jealous

She had been married to and slaved for him for a month.

He went out working early and came back late every day, and Lollo went to school for classes. But now he made a rule that she must go home before seven o'clock in the evening.

Or she will be punished by the family discipline!

According to Harrison's family discipline, Lollo had to watch Harrison eat food. For a foodie, being not able to eat food was more painful than doing math examination paper.

After school, Lollo received a call from Alice, "We are going to follow Cassie in the Goo Group. Are you coming?"

The Goo Group was the most popular female team at present. Of course she wouldn't miss the chance to shoot Cassie, head of the Goo Group!

"Of course I am going!" After agreeing, Lollo suddenly remembered something important, "When?"

"From six o'clock to eight o'clock. If you are going, I'll pick you up at school now!"

Eight o'clock!

Lollo was like a deflated balloon, "Alice, I can't make it. You can go without me."


"Well, it's a long story." She was sad at the thought of it. So she didn't want to mention it again.

"Alice, you can go first. I will hand up. I just want to be alone for a while..."

After hanging up the phone, Lollo wore a sad face. Why did she marry Harrison? She couldn't even make money now!

Being said, she received another phone call. Speak of the devil and he will appear!

Take a taxi home by yourself. I'll reimburse

sounded very anxious. Before Lollo could say anything,

phone, Lollo

she couldn't shoot the news, but he called and said that he

she should do now was to call Alice, "Alice, I

taxi, she felt

of Cassie, she would get a

hotel. Some insiders said that she was dating her secret boyfriend. She didn't expect that she had a boyfriend already at the

when I took pictures of her, so she might recognize me. So I will leave the shooting

it to

someone accidentally and they recognized you, then you would have to be careful

like Lollo, even if she went

award. She and Alice were a

while Lollo took close-up photos

appear in a place openly.

o'clock tonight, so she was likely to go

usually stayed. It was difficult for ordinary people to go to the third floor. Even if they did, they

Lollo came

It was true that the third floor had rooms with two directions. So there were two stairs leading to south and north respectively. It was said to be a regular room but in fact, it was private room! The two rooms were only

didn't have much time. She could only take some photos when they

for a date, with a man of forty or fifty years old, with

and hugged him, which

leader of the group at the age of nineteen.

H city. He seemed to have a lot of money but he had a child


know what's to be snapped and what's not!

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