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Chapter 33 Watch The Ghost Movie

The movie was about to start, and all the lights in the cinema were turned off.

Lollo grabbed Harrison's sleeve subconsciously because she was a little scared to watch ghost movies. Harrison patted the back of her hand with a smile.

Lollo drew her hand back suddenly and said, "I almost fell into your trap!"

"If you are afraid, just say it. Don't be shy."

"Who... I am afraid? Who am I? I'm Lollo. What have I been afraid of?" She was never afraid when she hid herself in the grass and shoot news alone at night. How could she be afraid of this horror movie?

Haha, what a joke...

But then she remembered that when she watched the horror movie, which was said to be the most terrifying horror movie in China and rated 2.9 on Douban, she went to the bathroom and missed the only terrifying scene in the whole movie.

This horror movie seemed to be different. It was said that it had scared people to death. She didn't know if it was true.

All in all, this movie was terrifying!

She really doubted that Harrison did it on purpose. There were so many good movies, but he insisted on watching this horror movie...

The movie began with a scary music, and then the music died down. All of a sudden, a ghost came out with a loud bang...


Lollo immediately covered her eyes.

"Lollo, if you are afraid, just tell me. We can skip this movie."

"Humph, I am not afraid. I just want to scare you!" Lollo refused to admit that she was afraid.

She was never afraid of watching horror movies before. Why was she so scared now?

must be Harrison's fault. If he hadn't told her this movie was spooky, she

cheered herself up. With screams came the climax

rainy afternoon and the sky was very dark. The heroine lit a candle and listened carefully to the sound

the heroine, who came to an underground well full of

ghost was getting closer and closer. The heroine looked back as she ran, but when she turned her head, she saw a


The heroine screamed!

was 3D, so Lollo felt like she was on the scene.

arms. With an evil and attractive smile, he held her

watching the movie, the driver drove them to CQ community. There were only two of

we go

Lollo, you are not trying to sleep with me, do you?" He snickered.

want to sleep with someone like you. I'm going

bang. Lollo came to her room. There were only two people living in such a big

shower. However, the scene of taking a shower reminded her of the heroine in the movie. She felt that

rushed out of the bathroom after taking a shower.

around the room. When the breeze blew, the white curtain fluttered in the room, as if the ghosts

She shrank her whole body into the quilt and

was all Harrison's fault to insist on taking her to watch a horror movie.


and Lollo

she turn off the

held by a ghost? Or will a ghost suddenly appear by

she was thinking. She just felt that this room was so terrible. Even if she was wrapped in a quilt now, she felt that there was a

I do? Would they eat me in

scream, Lollo opened the door of the room as soon as possible and

"Open the door, Harrison?"

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