Lollo run away from Leone. When she returned to school, she was relieved to find that he didn't follow her.

The selective class in the afternoon was boring. She chose Japanese as the selective course because she watched a few cartoon at that time and thought she loved Japanese.

But she didn't know how boring it was until she had the class. The hiragana, katakana and syllabary alone could give her the headache.

Therefore, she usually skipped classes in the afternoon. But she couldn't do that because the whole school knew her now. If she continued to skip classes, she would definitely fail her class and take a make-up exam!

Her teacher was very nice to her. She kind of started to like this class, because she slept through the whole class without being woken up.

Haha, thanks to Harrison!

As soon as the bell rang, Lollo's phone rang. She turned on the phone and saw the caller's ID on the screen, "dear husband", which almost made her throw up.

'What's this? Why do I feel sick just by looking at the name? It must be Harrison. What a freak!'!

"Hello, what's up?"

"Pack up your things and come out! We have a date."

"What? A date?" Lollo cried out in shock, and her classmates who hadn't left immediately clicked their tongue.

They must be woolgathering again...


Lollo ran out of the school with her bag. As expected, there was a dazzling car parked at the west gate of the school. The car was just like it owner, eye-catching as always!

He was already eye-catching, and now he was going to date in a luxury car. Why was God so unfair?

going to do,

newly released movies. I'm going to take

You are going to take me to

"Of course!"

discover it, but it wasn't too late for her to realize this. "Get in the car, we

got in the car and they went to Starlight Cinema. The movie was about to begin, so more and more people were gathering in front

people. If Harrison went

Harrison swaggered in, all the men and women in the cinema looked at him.

help. Not

that man is so handsome. Why is he with that

agree anymore. It's a waste of God's gifts for such a handsome man to

Although she was ordinary, she didn't have

help but look down. She would also have cleavage

am I thinking about? We are going to watch a movie

security guards didn't even stop him. How unfair! Handsome man didn't even

when he saw her.

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people. Different people will

the difference between people?

at him fiercely, who puffed out his chest

the gap between them

and looked at Lollo, who was stopped. He couldn't

as if he had eaten a mouse shit. He immediately became submissive. "Ah, so you are Mrs.

guard almost knelt down and licked Lollo's shoes. Lollo marveled at his different

was so angry that she wanted to scold him. But looking at his

couldn't be

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