Young Mater, Please Confirm The She-package

Chapter 29 Defended By Everyone

She just focused on running away and didn't notice that everyone in the school was looking at her.

What's up? What's the problem?

Were June's roommates gossiping again?

Oh, my God!

Without thinking, Lollo ran directly to the dormitory. However, when she arrived at room 209, there were only two people in the dormitory!

June and Linda!

Other two girls had moved away, and Linda was also packing her luggage.

As soon as she saw Lollo, June rushed over and said, "Lollo, I'm the only one left in the dormitory. I'm scared..."

"What are you afraid of? Don't you live alone at home?"

But what she cared most now was Linda. Why was she moving out?

"Linda, you..."

Linda lowered her head and didn't dare to look at Lollo. "I'm sorry. I've always been..."

"It's okay. I believe you. You can stay here!"

In fact, what she wanted to say was that maybe she was just admiring Allen. For an excellent man like Allen, it was normal that she liked him.

She couldn't stop her in the past, let alone now. She had no reason to stop her.

Moreover, she hadn't established a relationship with Allen. Now that he had left, everything had come to an end!

They had nothing to do with each other now!

"Don't leave. If you leave, I'm afraid that June will cry."

stepped forward and held her

immediately put on a pitiful look. At last, she had to nod and continue to stay

finally solved. But why did so many people look at her when

think that these people

I famous at school again?" She felt something must

and Linda looked at each other and

June for a while and then at Linda.

way out of the dormitory to the class, she finally knew why everyone

could be seen in any place

Are you kidding me? What

only did they take pictures secretly, but they also posted those photos. However, when she saw the additional title, she was less angry - Harrison and Lollo, a perfect match. The envious romantic history of the campus belle. (The romantic history of campus belle. You can see the process

became the campus Belle

a joke? She finally realized that under the protection of

code, only to find

such a

Thank God. So she wouldn't take it too

different classrooms. June and Linda were in the same class, so Lollo had to go to

Harrison came, so she skipped classes in the afternoon. She didn't know how the professor would scold her this afternoon.

be prepared

that those people who used

all, Harrison didn't tell that story for

a girl who had never

said, "Thank

never brought a book with her since her first class, but no one had been so attentive

you are ten minutes late than usual today. Is there a traffic jam on the road? How about I ask my full-time driver to pick you up tomorrow?" A boy who was always mysterious said.

"Well, no, thanks..."

was known to all that he was so arrogant that he never talked to any girl in the

breakfast in the canteen today. Do you want to have it?" Said a girl

shook her

return two dollars to her until noon. That girl actually talked about this matter for two weeks, which made the whole department know that she owed her

She was frightened

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