Young Mater, Please Confirm The She-package

Chapter 28 I'll Drive You To School

"No, you can sleep on the bed." Replied Harrison.

In fact, she was waiting for this.

She pretended to be pitiful, so he wouldn't have the heart to let a little girl sleep on the floor, so naturally, she could sleep on the bed.

She admired herself for being so smart.

But, she had never thought that when she was applauding herself for being so smart, Harrison had directly lay on the bed.

With her eyes wide open, Lollo asked, "Hey, what are you doing? Who let you sleep here?"

"This is my home! Why can't I sleep on my own bed?"

"Didn't you say that I slept on the bed and you slept on the floor?"

"That's what you said. I didn't say it. Besides, even if I let you sleep on this bed, it doesn't mean that I will sleep on the floor." It was inappropriate for him, a master, to sleep on the floor at night!

Lollo picked up a pillow and threw it at him.

This pervert never acted up to his promises and always took advantage of girls.

She was a virgin. If she slept on the same bed with him, how could she get married in the future?

No, no, she seemed to have married him already...

But how could she marry someone else after divorce.

Harrison was so annoyed that he held her in one hand and held her tightly in the other!

Lollo couldn't move, but her two legs kept struggling...

It was so annoying. Didn't her leg get hurt? How could she move her leg freely?

Then he clamped her two legs again!

At this time, Lollo could do nothing but talk. "Hey, Harrison, you are crazy. Let go of me."

"Stop talking!"

"Harrison, can't you just let me sleep on the floor?"

together before. I'm not shy at all. Why are


was so noisy. Why did

only one

soft lips

she stopped talking. The whole world seemed to have become quiet...

blank. What was he doing? Was he kissing her? 'Harrison,

made her shy and

'What? Shy?

He was Harrison, a playboy. How could you be taken advantage of by

for a while. Lollo was busy with breathing. She felt that

Harrison asked, "Why is your face as red as

my God! Am I being laughed

What a shame...'

Anyway, she just blushed in spite of

his arms, so that he could not

shy little woman.

he felt a sense of happiness inexplicably. He hadn't felt like this for a

was really cute,

held her even tighter. At this moment, he really

women before, but since last time, he really liked to



to go to work, so Lollo

taking care of him at home these

an internship as soon

drive you to

school?' Become the

want what happened yesterday to happen again. She immediately

to drive you to school. It's settled


chance to refuse at all!

stretched out his arm and held her in his arms. "Let's go. I'll drive

he would send her to school, but he didn't drive at all. It was his assistant who did all the driving. Besides, he just happened to pass by the school on his way to work


it was really misleading to call her

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