It must be so.

This place was not right and she had a fever as soon as she came here.

Why was she so hot? Was it because she had a fever or because of Harrison...

Lollo was speechless and seemed to have lost her voice. What happened? She just had a fever. Why couldn't she speak?

The two of them stared at each other. All of a sudden, Harrison burst into laughter. "Haha, Lollo, are you attracted by me?"

Bah, bah, who is attracted by you?

"Harrison, stop dreaming. Only a fool will like you."

Harrison curled his lips and smiled disapprovingly.

It was not sure who was the fool.

"Put me down. I can walk by myself!"

"Well, be good. Don't be naughty. Listen to me..."

He talked to her like he was coaxing a child. The servants all looked at Lollo with admiration.

In their eyes, Lollo was so happy! She could be so intimate with Mr. Harrison and Mr. Harrison hugged her. They were surprised that Mr. Harrison was so attentive to a woman.

They remembered that although Mr. Harrison had been with many women before, he never brought them to the JH villa, let alone let them sleep over.

And this woman, unexpectedly, had become Mr. Harrison's wife when they saw her for the first time. And tonight she would sleep on the same bed with Mr. Harrison.

Many girls were heartbroken.

In fact, Lollo was also very strange. Wasn't he known for being a playboy? But during the time they were together, she found that he never deliberately flattered a woman, and he never took anyone home.

time. Others only knew that he checked in the hotel with a woman, but

only was he not a playboy, but he was never close to women.

twenty-seven years old,

her directly on the bed. Her legs were very painful, and

can't you be tender

tender to women?" With his hands on his waist, he asked, "Do you mean that I

Of course!

said with a look of

around the room and squinted, "Sorry, I

am just a little woman. Why

nor for your beauty. But I'm bullied by you

about to cry.

the medicine box from the servant and slowly

you want? Money or sex? Don't think that I will be at

doubt if you are suffering from persecutory delusion. I am just going to apply medicine for you. I really don't know

Lollo was embarrassed.

Apply medicine.

do? Did he

myself." In the past, when she made a mistake with her sister, she was the one to bear the domestic discipline and she often hid in her room and applied medicine for herself.

you. You are not helping.

straight to her

beaten for a while, I am not

who did something

he was attracted!

at me

leg won't heal." It was obvious that the young master didn't know how to apply medicine. He was not applying

in the light, but it turned out that she had

slight wound, but he wrapped her into a

later, he wrapped Lollo's feet into

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