Young Mater, Please Confirm The She-package

Chapter 23 Become A Dirty Little Kitten

Although she had arrived at the classroom on time for old Joe's class, Lollo felt that her right eye was jumping since the class started. She always felt that something bad would happen.

Such were girls. Their sixth sense tells nothing but bad news!

She was pretending to be a good student and listening to the class seriously, when the door of the classroom was suddenly kicked open.

The man snorted, "Who is Lollo? Come out!"

There were only two results for anyone who dared to make trouble in the old Joe's class. One was that the person who made trouble would suffer, and the other was that the person he called would suffer with him.

But now, it was obviously the third situation.

Old Joe shouted, "Lollo Shen!"

"Yes!" Lollo raised her hand timidly and cursed in her heart, 'Who is this guy? Is he trying to hurt me on purpose?'?

Old Joe looked her up and down and asked, "So you are Lollo?"

"Mr. Zhou, I don't know him..." She really didn't know him. Who knew who he was.

"Teacher, my father is one of the vice principals. Please stay out of this. I have something to talk to her. Can I borrow her for a while?"

She had thought that old Joe would scold him severely, but unexpectedly, when old Joe heard that that man's father was the vice principal, he immediately lowered his voice and quickly agreed, "Okay, okay, borrow her if you want."

That's easy to say.

Lollo almost cursed old Joe's whole family in front of everyone. Did he think she was a commodity? Did he ask for her permission?

Before she could say anything to refuse, she was taken out.

As soon as she was out, Lollo was thrown to the ground. "You are Lollo, right?"

"Who are you! Are you crazy? " Lollo stood up from the ground and clapped her hands. She didn't know this man. Was he her enemy?

How dare he push her down for no reason? Was he crazy?

he married you.

those who have never seen the world. Don't try to hide it from me!

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girlfriend who spoke ill of her behind her back. She was just seeking justice for herself.

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"Mr. Harrison, I'm sorry!"

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Say it again?

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if he had heard a forgiveness order. He immediately staggered and said while running, "Thank you, Mr. Harrison.

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