Then, Lollo told Alice the whole story.

Hearing that, Alice laughed and said, "Haha, I see. It turns out that it's because of Allen. You have already married with Harrison. Why do you still think about Allen? Besides, Allen has abandoned you and gone to America. Why do you still think about him?"

Then she took a bite of the apple as if she was experienced and continued, "Let me tell you. If Harrison smashed your phone, it meant that he cared about you. No man would allow his wife to send messages to other men."

All of a sudden, Lollo became nervous. "But we..."

"You what?"

"Nothing, nothing..."

But they were not a real couple. How could Harrison smash her phone just because she received the message from Allen?

She couldn't remember what had happened that day, but she was sure that it was Harrison who smashed her phone.

"To tell you the truth, you also did wrong in this matter. First of all, you went to see other men's message in front of him. Secondly, you actually had a conflict with him because of your group photo with Allen. Besides, why didn't you tell him why you were angry?

You rushed out of home, but Harrison still doesn't know what he did wrong. Maybe he is complaining about you now."

Her analysis was reasonable, and Lollo finally knew the value of experience.

Thinking about it carefully, she did have done it wrong in this matter.

But anyway, he shouldn't have said that she was angry because he wouldn't buy her a new phone.

She was still angry!

After finished the apple, Lollo threw the apple core into the trash can and said, "Oh, forget about it. I am going to sleep!"

Lying on the bed and closing her eyes, she couldn't get this matter out of her mind. Although she was wrong, she was unwilling to admit it!

Slowly, she fell asleep while thinking about her own mistakes. She even had a dream in the middle of the night in which Harrison apologized to her...

the Falling

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