But when she opened the door, she found a group of people standing before the door.

Although the door was closed, its soundproofing effectiveness was not good. In addition, they cried so hard just now. Lollo really didn't know how to explain it.

It was really annoying just to think about it.

Lollo walked through the crowd and walked out of the dormitory building.

She was like a bird out of the cage. She was in a bad mood although she breathed the fresh air.

It was getting dark. Walking in the school, Lollo looked at the couples coming and going, feeling very lonely.

In the past, Allen was by her side, but now, he had also left. Walking alone, she felt that everyone on the road was looking at her.

Her phone was broken, and she ran out of the villa with no money with her.

Lollo really regretted. It was dark and cold in the street. There was no place she could go in such a big city!

How about going back?

No, no!

She had just came out. If she went back now, it would be too shameful. Moreover, it was his fault. She would go back when he apologized!

Yes, that's it!

Lollo nodded. Walking on the street, she was so hungry.

If only Allen was here!

Lollo shook her head hard. Why did she think of him again? What a loser.

"Lollo?" All of a sudden, someone called her name. Lollo turned around and pounced on her as if she had seen her savior.

"Alice..." She called her in a coquettish voice. The moment she saw Alice, her mood seemed to be lifted in an instant.

and Lollo missed.

with a smile, "Alice, I'm so happy to see

smiled awkwardly, "Really? I thought you had forgotten me, Mrs.

She teased.

"Mrs. Lollo", Lollo's head was going to explode. She was a beautiful girl at the age of twenty, but was married to a playboy at the

marriage was contractual marriage, and now Harrison made

each other, so he would not take

she wouldn't be his wife for long.

deflated balloon, Lollo said, "Alice, I'm tired and hungry. Let's

never shy, especially to

seemed to be frightened and jumped up. She touched her forehead and murmured to herself, "You

shook her arm

the sake of so many scoops I have

rid of Lollo when she was shameless!

choice but to agree, "Okay,

Lollo jumped up excitedly and

her to her residence.

couldn't afford to live in a luxury place. The place she lived covered dozens of square meters, with a bedroom and a living room. Although the room was not big, it was comfortable to live alone.

jumped in happily. "It feels so good

slippers, Alice didn't say anything

the fridge. "Drink some water. I'll cook for you. You must be

extremely excited. She didn't expect that it was Alice who took her in when she was in dire

good person. She suddenly felt that there was nothing better than her in the

ready. It was simple, but

more, no one is

she finished eating, Alice helped her to clean up the bowls and chopsticks. Sitting next to her, Lollo

married Harrison that Alice treated her so well. She had always been very good to her. She used to have meals with Alice.


and pushed Lollo into the bathroom. "I only have one

her being dirty, but that she likes everything to be

out of the bathroom, wearing the pajama, which was a little loose. She smiled and said, "Alice, you are much taller than

even raising her

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