Lollo came to the school. After class in the afternoon, the school became more lively.

They were in university. After class, they wouldn't go home. Instead, they had meals and chatted with their friends at school.

In fact, they were just like high school friends. However, Lollo didn't have many friends except June from the same department and Alice who had the same major as her.

Knowing June was an accident, an accident that she didn't want to mention.

And the reason why she was so close to Alice was that she shoot news for her since she was a junior. They were colleagues now.

June's was local, but she lived in school in order to accompany her boyfriend.

She must have gone out with her boyfriend now.

Lollo didn't intend to look for her, but she had no place to go. It was getting dark. The only place she could stay at night was June's dormitory.

She arrived at the dormitory door - 209!

She often came here, so she was familiar with the people living in the dormitory. So she didn't knock at the door!

It was because of this "bad habit" that she overheard the conversation going on inside.

"Well, do you know June's friend, Lollo?" A woman said in a sharp voice.

Then someone said:

"Everyone knows her. She is probably famous in the whole H city now. Her checking in the hotel with Harrison was exposed. As a result, she married into a rich family. Now she finally achieved her goal and married a person like Harrison. I don't know how many people she has slept with before she married Harrison."

This woman's voice was obviously much softer, but her tone was very sarcastic, as if she had known a lot of about Lollo.

that, the two

in the dormitory was relatively calm, "What you said is too one-sided. Maybe they

heard the voice, Lollo knew it was Linda Ye, a girl sleeping next to June. She seldom talked, but every time Lollo came here, she would look at her with a

attacked by the other two girls because of what she said. "Haha, one-sided. You don't know the situation, how do you know what we

breath and said, "Okay. I almost forget that you seem to like Allen very much. Now that he has

the secret that Linda Ye had hidden

again. "Haha, don't be shy. When you secretly fell in love with him, you weren't so shy. I didn't see you blush when you wrote on the notebook,

wrote that in her notebook.

the two of them and asked,

page and I remembered it." A girl spread out her hands and said, "I just saw it by accident. But now, many

her mouth and snickered. The news had

turned red with anger.


when she turned her back to them, tears had

opened the door and saw Lollo, she was shocked again. At the

was frightened and

The two girls behind her were now pale and looked at Lollo with their eyes

"You... You are here?"

rage, but she controlled herself,

stunned and looked at Lollo

girl asked tentatively, "You... Did

was about to lose her temper, but she held it

like Harrison, but she had become his wife

face, they were really scared to death.

not a powerful person, she was now Harrison's wife and everyone in the

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