After dinner, Lollo touched her belly and asked, "Is there more? I'm still hungry..."

She had just had instant noodles, a steak, and spaghetti. But she was still shouting hungry!

Harrison said in surprise, "Lollo, you ate three portions. Are you still a woman? How can you eat so much?"

She touched her belly and said aggrievedly, "I had nothing from last night to this morning..."

She was so aggrieved that he almost didn't have the heart to blame her. He pushed the half-eaten food in front of her and said, "There's nothing else in the fridge. You can eat mine first."

Lollo's eyes lit up, and then she said gratefully, "Wow, I really didn't expect you to be such a good person."

As expected, she reached out her hand without hesitation. When her finger almost touched the plate, he took his food back.

"I am just kidding."

"Aren't you going to give it to me?" She pursed her lips.

"What do you think?" His arrogant expression was really annoying.

However, Lollo could do nothing but hold back her anger. She said, 'How dare you play tricks on me!'

"Lollo, don't make any secret plans in your heart. Don't forget to clean up the dishes. As there is no servant in this apartment, you are the one to do this."

"Okay!" Lollo rolled her eyes.

'Damn it! You think that you are awesome that you can cook and have a high IQ?

He asked her to wash not only her dishes but also his!

Do you really think that I am your servant?'

Of course, she could only mutter these words in her heart. She cursed him in her heart, but she had to wash the dishes still.

many years, she had learned to swallow insult and humiliation and to see which way the wind blows.

his house, she needed to be obedient. After all, only when she was obedient

needed to wash the dishes, but she didn't expect that Harrison had asked her to buy food, clean the floor

but she had been trained by Harrison to be a housekeeper.

his house and eat his food, she didn't have to suffer

She felt that she could not

in the future, she would find

he had so much energy every day. He didn't go to work but just stared at her at

way to make her do the

just two days, Lollo really had cleaned the apartment inside out. When

had been smashed into

to Harrison and asked, "Harrison, explain it to me. What happened to my

"You broke it yourself!"

phone?" She had spent so much money on the phone. How

let alone smashing your phone. If I hadn't stopped you, you would have

she forgot it so

holding the phone because she thought?

to buy you a new phone? If you do, just say it.

could finish his words, he was hit by the phone.

who wants you to buy

she want Harrison to buy

photo of her and

videos and countless messages

told her, and their call records and the messages

there was

broke it. She was

to her room and took her bag. Then she slammed the door and left.

door was slammed shut.

room, Harrison was silent.

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