Young Mater, Please Confirm The She-package

Chapter 17 What A Greedy Girl

They played the double enter of the "Ninja Turtles".

There were a total of four roles for them to choose. They chose one role respectively and then began to enter.

Although there were many levels, the basic process was very short. After defeating people, they would receive appropriate rewards.

It was precisely because this kind of game didn't require too much thinking that Lollo was happy to play it...

Unconsciously, they had been playing in front of the TV for the whole morning.

"Haha, in the past, only my sister could play this kind of game at home. Once, there was a guest at home, and that boy was much taller than me. I took him to our game room and we played it for a whole day.

Later, my father found out and I covered him to escape, but I haven't seen him since."

Things happened in childhood could always arouse people's feelings. At home, only her sister could play games at any time while she could only play one or two hours a day.

And time flies when playing games!

"Then what happened later?"

"Later, I was beaten up by my father and knelt in the living room for a night!" She always played down her past pain.

In fact, she had been used to it. It was the first time that she smiled so happily after her mother's death, so she was happy despite punishment.

Seeing she smiled so happily, he couldn't help reaching out his hand to her forehead and said, "No wonder you are so silly now. It turns out that you were silly because your father hit you when you were a child!"

"Go away! Go away!" Lollo pushed his hand away and rolled her eyes!

She quickly moved her hand to her belly, touched it and said, "I'm so hungry. Harrison, what do we have for lunch?"

She was very hopeful. There were no servants or chefs here. She guessed that they would go to a restaurant for dinner.

However, he slowly stood up and said, "Since you were so miserable when you were a child, I will make up for you and cook for you myself."

"What? What? You will cook?"

Shouted Lollo.

whom everyone admired since

it? He said it was to make up

took a bucket of instant noodles

she would have to eat the food

If you don't want to eat, I won't force

on. Who want

proportional to appearance. Those handsome people usually didn't know how to cook, which was the reason why most chefs were

he definitely was

noodles, Harrison put on an apron and began to cook.

wanted to take out her phone to

be anthomaniac for a

fumbled the pocket for her mobile phone.

'Where was my phone?'

searched for a long time but still couldn't find it.

ran back to the bedroom and looked around, but

in a rainy day to buy

her phone had disappeared...

it carefully and wondered if she had

and still couldn't figure

didn't find her phone, but was attracted by the smell of meat and followed it from the bedroom to

her eyes and

the table, a piece of dark red meat on a milky white plate, a boiled broccoli as decoration, and on top of

She drooled instantly.

the way the dishes were set was so professional!

be delicious.

hand. She picked up the knife and fork with her small hand, and was about to

the back of her hand was

her hand which was red from hitting,

did you

yourself? " He put his hands on his waist and

in a questioning tone, and then continued, "You said you don't believe that I can cook

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