Young Mater, Please Confirm The She-package

Chapter 16 We Are So Much Alike

"Harrison, you..." That's too much!

"All right, all right. I will forget what happened last night and I promise that I won't tell anyone about it. Besides, we just slept on the same bed and nothing had happened. Can you let it go too?"

He acted as if he was comforting a child.

Besides, it was also the first time that he had hugged a woman to sleep, and he hadn't complained. He was the one who was been taken advantage of, but he didn't expect that this little girl complained first.

"Deal! Let's all forget what happened last night!"

If Allen knew that she slept on the sad bed with another man, would he be angry?

At the thought of Allen, Lollo suddenly looked disappointed. She seemed to have forgotten that Allen had gone to the United States.

She didn't even know when he had gone to America. They broke up by text. How sad.

All of a sudden, Lollo quieted down and went back to her bedroom.

"What are you doing? Why are you so strange?"

"I am packing up and going to school!" She squinted at him and closed the door!

She had been taking care of Harrison these days. He was rich. Why didn't he hire a few nannies to attend him? Why did she have to do it in person?

She hadn't shoot news for a few days. Although she had earned a lot of money from Harrison, their cooperation was not long-term. She would divorce him sooner or later. Therefore, taking candid photos was the only job that supported her future life!

"No, you are not!"


"If you go to school, I will be bored at home..." He curled his lips like a child.


"Harrison, how old are you? Don't you have to work?"

It was not that he didn't want to go to work, but that if he went to

pretend to be sick for a few

who covets fame and fortune. I am still jobless even if you give me money. I'm going to have an internship. I have to behave well at this

show that she was not willing to accept

job. Don't you know who I am? As long as you play with me at home this afternoon, I will definitely help you find a good job. What do

her head and said, "Forget it. Relying upon myself is better than relying upon others. I have tried so hard for such a long time,

a sensible person. She knew what she should do

knew what she

casually, "What if I give you ten thousand dollars for playing with me for

a price that

Lollo agreed happily.

to school a day later, but she would never

have to strictly abide by the agreements. You are not allowed to do anything

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was so bold that she was willing to stay with this crazy

at home? Why do I have to

something I love the most in my life!" A wicked

Lollo shuddered!

he liked to

nothing serious except picking up girls. Was he going

so scared at the thought that she suddenly regretted staying here

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the study alone. Was he

him timidly and saw him coming out with

suddenly became curious, "What's in

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weird smile, "This is a good thing that makes you

she was not afraid, but after hearing his description, Lollo

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