As long as money was mentioned, no matter how bad her mood was, she would immediately feel better.

Harrison did what she asked him to do step by step, and the last step was to transfer the money to Lollo.

She should be happier than anyone else when receiving the money, but when the message alert rang, she dropped her phone to the ground.

Lollo's clear eyes suddenly dimmed and were filled with tears.

Harrison thought he had seen it wrong. This was not the Lollo he knew. She was mot smiling when receiving the money? Instead, she cried!

He picked up the phone on the ground, on which there was a big crack. He saw a message on it.

It was from Allen, "Lollo, my application for studying in America has been approved. I'm now in America. When I am capable enough, I will definitely come back to you!"

"Is this a message from Allen? Did he go to America?" He picked up the phone and handed it to Lollo, but Lollo refused to take it.

She suddenly burst into tears, "How could he leave? How could Allen leave me?"

"He just went to America to study..."

"No, no..." Shaking her head, Lollo said, "He could have gone to the graduate school in the US last year. But he chose to stay in H city for me. He said he would stay at school with me. He has never left me since we were children. How could he leave me?"

Was he angry because of her relationship with Harrison? But he had already known what had happened between her and Harrison. Why did he leave now?

"Will he abandon me after he goes to America?" All of a sudden, she grabbed Harrison's hand. When being asked, he didn't say anything.

Although he regarded himself as a playboy, he really had no idea how to deal with a crying woman.

For a moment, he was at loss.

"Don't cry. I will give you some money, okay?"

However, Lollo cried even harder. She directly slapped him and said, "Who wants your stinky money? I want Allen."

could she

"Don't cry. Even though Allen left, I'm still here. I will always

don't like you. What's the

just to comfort you. I don't like you

expect that you, Lollo,

couldn't vent his


that when a girl was saddest,

anger. She kept beating

medicine. It was not long before he was injured

choice but to hold her hands tightly to prevent her

only cry. After crying for a long time, perhaps she had cried out her tears,

sigh of relief...

second day, Harrison opened his eyes and saw a round face

had high nose and cherry mouth and even if her eyes were closed, it could be vaguely

to get into his arms.

moved the quilt behind her and covered her with it.

slept with in his arms for a whole night.

soundly, he just smiled. He held her tightly and closed his eyes.


She screamed!

villa was shaking

from Lollo. It was because of her that Harrison, who was sleeping next to her, almost

arms of a man, and this man was no

tightly in his arms. What happened? She fell asleep in his arms unexpectedly.

and asked, "What happened last night? What

"Last night you..."

threw it at him.

comforted you when you cried last night."

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