Young Mater, Please Confirm The She-package

Chapter 14 Pretend To Be Injured

Lollo attended Harrison for the whole morning, but no one took her seriously.

In fact, everyone thought she was just a woman that Harrison was forced to marry.

She wouldn't be able to cause too much trouble.

"Harrison, attending you is not an easy job. I have to serve people with tea and water when they come, and leave at the right time. "

She looked askance at Harrison, who smiled sheepishly and said, "Thank you. I'll give you a sum of money as compensation when I recover."

As soon as she heard the money, Lollo immediately smiled happily, "Okay, okay!"

It seemed that as long as Harrison was willing to pay, Lollo would be willing to attend him like this. Anyway, it was not a tiring job. It's much better than being bitten by mosquitoes outside when taking sneak shots.

When the two were chatting happily, the door of the ward was opened again.


Gerry came in with a sweet smile. When Harrison saw Gerry come in, he immediately sat up on the bed.

Lollo looked at him in surprise. Wasn't he still unable to move just now? Why did he suddenly recover when he saw Gerry?

Were they? She seemed to think of something, and the scene also emerged in her mind.

"How is it going?"

"Everything is settled!"

"To tell you the truth, the billboard you found is so heavy that it almost smashed me and plus the injury in my back, I almost died!"

They still ignored Lollo and talked to each other!

Lollo didn't understand their conversation. What were they talking about? What billboard?

She looked at Harrison in confusion, who curled his lips at her and said, "Silly, it's OK if you don't understand. Hurry and pack up. Let's go home."

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time, Harrison stood up unexpectedly.

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they walked out of the hospital.

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he had just taken over the domestic company for two years, he managed it well. It was time to win people's support, but Ellison suddenly wanted to send

fact, he wanted to take this opportunity to let Edmund return to the country and take his place. Moreover, some of the senior executives of the branch company in

Ellison was! He wanted to give him a shell company

That was why Harrison took the risk to do this after discussing with Gerry. Now it seemed to

returned to the United States, but Harrison believed that Edmund would come back soon. He had to speed up his

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his words, but he didn't expect her to roll her eyes, "You just don't want to leave your girls at

He froze.

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Strike this man to death!'!

Lollo dropped everything and lay on

smell of disinfectant in the hospital was too strong.

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my back is injured.

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