Although Lollo was not very smart, she was not that stupid. She could understand what Ellison meant.

But he seemed to have not finished, he coughed twice and continued:

"Olivia is well-educated and reasonable, and I chose her for you myself. How could you find such a woman..."

Then he stopped.

'Hey, this old man not only made fun of me to my face, but also made me look so worthless.'

Lollo was furious, but she had no choice. She had to behave well in his territory and smiled at him as if she didn't understand what he meant.

'Damn it! How could Harrison be so indifferent when his wife was demeaned!'!

To Lollo's surprise, Harrison suddenly smiled and said, "You are right, grandpa!"

Lollo widened her eyes and looked at him, but he didn't seem to see her at all. "Grandpa, at that time, you only told me that the woman I was going to marry was the daughter of the Shen Family. I thought it was Lollo, but I didn't expect that I have married the wrong person. But Grandpa, since I have already married Lollo, if I divorce her now, it will be too..."

Ellison waved his hand and said, "Forget it. Let's talk about it later. You never restrain yourself and always cause so much trouble."

They talked as if Lollo was an invisible person.

Lollo was already very angry, and now she was humiliated so badly by Harrison.

They totally ignored her!

Does it mean that rich people could ignore others so casually?

"Harrison, you need to learn from your brother. He has been busy with the company's affairs in the United States in the past few years. Now that he has returned, there is no one in charge of the company in the United States for the time being. You can go and manage it for your brother and also toughen yourself at the same time."

It was not until Ellison pointed at Edmund that Lollo found there was person who was also ignored.

was Edmund, Harrison's

as Harrison. He had been

was gentle and elegant. When Lollo smiled at him, he also

at him, Harrison smiled at Ellison and

warm smile appeared on

surprised. Was Harrison

company in America? That was to say, he might not come back for a year or two!

at him, but she couldn't see the slightest change on his face. He was as calm as water, as if he had already known such an arrangement.

been waiting, waiting

so tired to get along with this family. Everyone smiled in such a

deal, what about Lollo if Harrison left

Harrison but he didn't seem to have anything to say to her.

because he had

Let's see

as Ellison gave the order, everyone

spree, especially for

brand shop was opened, attracting countless people.

was the first day of opening, the Jing Group had specially set up an open-air stage.

really going to

hand, Harrison

that, he

side. Lollo stood behind and looked at the backs of the three of

that as long as she admitted their relationship in public, he would help investigate her mother's death. But now, he was going

she could

so stupid to believe

her head. Anyway, no one noticed her, so

"Grandpa, be careful..."

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